Top 5 Most Common Cancer in India : Stay Aware & Informed

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Top 5 Most Common Cancer in India : Stay Aware & Informed

As India enters the twenty-first century, the disease spectrum has shifted from primarily infectious diseases to more chronic diseases (such as heart disease and diabetes), while cancer has reached epidemic proportions. This is due in part to a lack of knowledge about health promotion and disease prevention, as well as a lack of resources for early diagnosis and treatment of debilitating common cancer in India.

Even in 2022, cancer is still regarded as one of the world's most dreaded and terrifying illnesses. Knowing about cancer will help in fighting them better. With more cancer instances than any other country in the globe, India is the third largest affected country. Over a million new cases of cancer are reported to occur in India each year, according to a recent study conducted by a Hyderabad-based cancer center. Extensive study has produced an overview of the most common types of cancer in our country, even though it is difficult to identify the instances that are most common.

The new lifestyle being followed in India is dynamic and ever-changing. This unexpected habit shift and environmental shock can induce a variety of malignancies, even though the underlying cause of these common cancers in India is still unknown.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) research states that 1 in 15 Indians dies of cancer and that 1 in 10 are diagnosed with the disease. As if this news wasn't terrible enough, get ready for even worse: According to data provided by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the number of cancer cases in India is predicted to rise seven times by 2025! The surge in chain smokers, sedentary lifestyles, and air pollution are all contributing factors to the significant increase in cancer diagnoses.

Considering the increasing current status of cancer in India and the lower quality of results, there is an important need to understand the current challenges and adapt interventions at different stages of disease management with a deep focus on:

  • Awareness and prevention - changing exposure to risk factors that can cause cancer.
  • Detection and diagnosis - ensuring early detection and accurate staging of diseases.
  • Care including palliative care - a multidisciplinary approach to care with a focus on affordability, equity of access, quality of outcomes and palliative care. 
  • Cancer control framework.

While the above are key tools to control cancer by reducing morbidity and improving quality of outcomes, expanding cancer registries and health information systems to collect standardized and comprehensive data for informed and evidence-based policy decisions. Moreover, the research will lay the groundwork for the levers that will drive the change.

Medflick has bought the right and needed information regarding top 5 most common cancer in India on one page. This can help you in making right and informed health decisions.

Main Cause of Cancer in India

Cancers, like diabetes and heart disease, are all complex diseases without a single cause. These include  adoption of a western lifestyle, poor eating habits, dairy products (due to the  rBGH, FSH and LH contained in  milk), convenience foods, nutritional supplements, non-vegetarian diets, chemical pollution, constipation and inactivity. Poor lifestyle, longer working hours, more stressful life, smoking and alcohol consumption and use of contraceptives are all factors that increase the number of cases of top 5 most common cancer in India.

List of Common Types of Cancer in India

1. Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in India causing death in men and 6th most common cancer causing death in women. According to a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), lung cancer accounts for 9.3 percent of all deaths in India, also becoming the common cause of cancer deaths in India. In India, there were approximately 70,275 cases of lung cancer  in 2022. By 2025, these numbers is expected to double double unfortunately.Symptoms of lung cancer include persistent cough, chest pain, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, etc. 

2. Oral cancer

It is the most common cancer in men (11.2 percent) and the fifth most common cancer in women (4.3 percent of all cancers). Tobacco addiction remains the leading cause of oral cancer. Common symptoms include small lesions in the mouth. Red spots or ulcers that stubbornly refuse to heal, can be a warning sign to see a doctor.

3. Breast cancer 

Breast Cancer is life-threatening and most common form of cancer in India. It is also one of the leading causes of death among women in India. According to a 2020 report from the National Center for Disease Informatics and Research, about 39.4 percent of cancers in female patients are usually breast cancer. In 2020, more than two women have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Common symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, a change in the size or shape of the breast, peeling of the skin, discharge of the nipples, etc.

Read in Hindi: Breast Cancer symptoms and Causes 

4. Cervical Cancer

This cancer is unfortunately one of the most common cancer in India. According to a study published in the medical journal The Lancet, of the 40 percent of cervical cancer deaths worldwide, 23 percent came from India and 17 percent from China. This indicates one death in  five reported cases of cervical cancer! Moreover, one in four deaths from cervical cancer occurs in India. In addition, it is one of the leading causes of death in women. About 604000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, and 342000 deaths are caused by it. Common symptoms include unexplained vaginal bleeding, painful sexual intercourse, searing pain in the pelvis, etc. Reach out to your doctor for examination at once if you notice such symptoms.

5. Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer occurs when cancerous cells grow inside your esophagus or food pipe. According to a report published on, esophageal cancer is 6th most common cancer in India, as well as the sixth most common cause of death. Men are more likely to be diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Common symptoms (Esophageal Cancer Symptoms in Hindi) include difficulty swallowing food (dysphagia), persistent indigestion, persistent cough, uncontrollable weight loss, etc. 

Cancer Ratio in India

According to estimates, there was a prediction 14,61,427 incident cases of cancer in India in 2022 which means about 100.4 incidences per 100,000 people. Moreover, cancer is predicted to strike one in nine Indians at some point in their whole life. For both men and women, the most common cancer sites were the lung and breast, respectively. The most common type of pediatric cancer (0–14 years old) was lymphoid leukemia (29.2% in males and 24.2% in females). According to estimates, a 12.8% increase in cancer cases is predicted for 2025 in comparison to 2020. However, India's cancer incidence rate is still rising. The updated numbers will be useful in taking initiatives for early identification, risk mitigation, and proper management in the fight against such common cancer in India.

A Note From Medflick

Some common cancer in India remain a global threat. India, the country with the third highest risk of cancer, registers more than a million new cases every year. Lifestyle changes are driving malignancy, and cancer cases in India are predicted to increase sevenfold by 2025. Medflick emphasizes the need to understand and address challenges at various stages of disease management. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, poor diet and pollution (vayu pradushan se hone wali bimariyan) increase the incidence of the five most common cancers - lung, mouth, breast, cervix, and esophagus. 

Medflick collects important information about top 5 most common cancer in India to help you make informed health decisions. Understanding the underlying causes and symptoms is crucial, as  cancer rates in India are expected to increase by 12.8% by 2025.


Q1: What are the 5 most common cancer in India?

A: The 5 most common cancer in India are Lung, Oral, Breast, Cervical, and Esophageal cancers, posing significant health challenges and requiring comprehensive awareness and preventive measures.

Q2: Which cancer rate is highest in India?

A: Lung cancer is a major health problem in India and highlights the critical importance of  awareness, implementation of preventive measures and  early detection to address this major health problem.

Q3: What is the hardest cancer to cure?

A: Cancer cure is depending on a range of things including level, location, and to be had treatments. Cancers including pancreatic and liver most cancers have a dark analysis because of late-level detection and limited healing choices.

Q4: Which cancer is not curable?

A: Some advanced or metastatic cancers may currently be considered incurable despite ongoing research and advances. Treatment focuses on controlling symptoms, improving quality of life and increasing overall cancer survival  in India.

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