The Best IVF Clinics in the World

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The Best IVF Clinics in the World

Starting a family, a major step towards parenthood, is a personal journey, and IVF treatment becomes a path to fulfilling their dream. With advanced technology and continuous research going on, there are increased chances of success at a higher rate. But during the treatment, some women may face failure, and it becomes more painful. The overwhelming desire to have a baby and frustration when IVF fails make it the cause of quarrels, misunderstandings, and even divorce. With so many clinics across the world, choosing the right one can be tricky. You need to find a clinic that has expert doctors with advanced technology to break the cycle of infertility and give you a chance to have a baby. This blog is a guide to help you navigate through various IVF clinics for your specific needs.

What is the highest IVF success rate in the world?

The highest success rate of IVF is 99%; it depends highly on women’s age and other fertility conditions. In the women’s age group between 18 and 25 years, the success rate is seen to be 98%, and it keeps decreasing with increased age, as an 85% success rate is seen in the age group 30-35 and in the age group 40–45, the success rate becomes 60%. Top IVF destinations globally include Dubai, India, Thailand,Thailand ,Canada ,Australia ,Bangladesh ,Malaysia and the Philippines, which have the highest IVF success rate.

The Best IVF Clinic in Dubai

Dubai, the city of ambition and luxury, has also emerged as a ray of hope for couples struggling with fertility issues. With its advanced technology, globally known specialists, and competitive costs,. Dubai provides a number of fertility clinics, and choosing from them can be a challenge in itself. Following are some of the top IVF clinics and specialists listed.

Millennium Medical Center (MMC) IVF Fertility Center, Dubai, UAE

Millenium Medical Center is one of Dubai’s leading IVF clinics and fertility centers. This center works in close association with Bourn Hall Fertility Centre to provide state-of-the-art facilities and services with the Assisted Reproduction Technology Program (ART) at the same level of global standards. It was established in 1990 and has a team of specialists with a total experience exceeding 25 years. It is spread across an area of 10,000 square feet. They offer individualized solutions for the patient's infertility issues.

Orchid Fertility Clinic, Dubai

Orchid Fertility Clinic, Dubai, is a foremost reproductive and andrology service clinic in the UAE. At Orchid Fertility, treatment is provided at an international level,offering couples the best chance of realizing their dream of having their own child. Their vision is to give fertility assistance a fresh approach with an improvement in their quality of life and a better chance of having healthy babies. The fertility center provides holistic treatment options and gives emotional and lifestyle support to improve your health and solve issues related to infertility. It is the only clinic in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to provide both medical and psychological support to couples.

Who are the Best IVF Boctors in Dubai?

Dr. Amal Alias

Designation: Consultant, IVF Specialist, Dubai
Experience: 27 years of experience,


Dr. Amal is a renowned gynecologist and obstetrician with nearly three decades of experience in the fields of reproductive endocrinology, obstetrics, and gynecology. She is a member of the British Fertility Society. She completed her graduation from Schenov First Moscow Medical University, USSR, in 1998 and completed her PG in 1993. She has been associated with a hospital approved by the Ministry of Health for more than two decades.

Dr. Gautam Allahbadia

Designation: Consultant Infertility Specialist, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Experience: 25+ years


Dr. Gautam Allahbadia is a famed fertility specialist in Dubai. He is a pioneer in assisted reproductive techniques. He has experience spanning more than 25 years.
Dr. Allahbadia has been highly active in developing new fertility-enhancing protocols and spreading the use of ultrasound in embryo transfer procedures.
He completed his MD in 1990 at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital. He has published various papers, chapters, and textbooks in his name. He is highly active, participating in various meetings and conferences.
Vice President, World Association of Reproductive Medicine, headquartered in Rome, Italy.

The Best IVF Clinics in India

India has various well-known hospitals and clinics that provide modern technology, extensive expertise from doctors, and top-notch fertility facilities. Every year, more than 45,000 cases of IVF are performed with a high success rate. IVF treatment in India for foreigners is their favorite destination in the world. All fertility-assisted reproduction, that is, IVF, ICSI,ICSI semen cryopreservation, freezing of eggs, sperm analysis tests, and all medications for fertility, are available at a reasonable cost to foreigners in India. The cost of infertility treatment approximates a fraction when compared to Western countries.

Nova IVF Centre and Fertility Clinic, Delhi, India

Nova IVF Fertility is one of the largest service providers in fertility treatment. It aims to deliver advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART) in India, similar to what is available world wide.Famous for its top-notch healthcare offerings, Delhi-NCR has emerged as a leading international medical destination. The fertility specialists in the region have more than a decade of experience in OBG, treating infertility, and providing advanced fertility treatments. Dr. Sonia Malik is currently the Program Director of Nova IVF Delhi NCR, and she is one of the pioneers of IVF in India. She has over 30 years of experience in this field.

ART Fertility Clinic,Gurgaon, India 

ART Fertility Clinic has established itself as a global leader through the 3T's, i.e., treatment, technology,Technology and transparency. The clinic's IVF specialists and nurses provide customized care and unwavering support all through the treatment process. The clinic demonstrates its commitment to transparency by using the highest ethical medical practices. Patients receive all information about treatment options, risks, and success rates, enabling them to make decisions after taking into consideration all the points.

Apollo Fertility, India 

Apollo Fertility provides specialized procedures for infertility issues in men and women, offering couples their very best chance of a successful pregnancy. Apollo Fertility has given hope and happiness to over 28000+ couples across India. They address both male and female issues, combined with clinical, surgical, and, most importantly, psychological interventions. Apollo Fertility Centers aim to bring fertility treatment on par with international standards within the reach of every individual.

Who are the best IVF doctors in India?

Dr. Firuza Parikh

  • Specialty: IVF and Infertility Specialist
  • Education: M.D., D.G.O., D.F.P., F.C.P.S., Dip. N.B.E., IVF/Assisted Reproduction
  • Hospital: Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai
  • Experience: 29 years
  • Specialty: IVF and Infertility Specialist

Dr. Firuza is a globally renowned IVF specialist with nearly three decades of experience and has won various awards during her academic years. With her remarkable history, people from all over the world visit her, as well as from every state of India. Dr. Parikh has also worked as a visiting professor at the Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, USA, from 1995–2005. 

Dr. Meenu Handa

  • Speciality: IVF and Infertility Specialist
  • Education: MBBS, MRCOG, DNB (OB GYN), MS (OB GYN), Fellowship Reproductive Medicine
  • Experience: 16+ Years

Dr. Meenu is a well-known infertility specialist and gynecologist. She is a gold medalist and has nearly two decades of experience with her. She works empathetically and provides personalized care to the patients. She provides comprehensive care for fertility issues.


  • Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay, Art Icon 2021
  • Dr. C.S. Dawn Award, 2020
  • Wonder FOGSIAN Award in 2019.

Professional Experience:

  • Senior IVF consultant, Fortis Bloom IVF Center at Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  • Senior Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist, Women’s Centre Hospital, Coimbatore
  • National Institute of Laparoscopic Endoscopic Surgery, Mumbai.

Professional Membership:

  • ISAR
  • ASPIRE (Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction)

The Best Clinic in The USA

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Together, the physicians at our Las Vegas fertility center share decades of experience in reproductive medicine and research. All are subspecialty board-certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility—the highest degree of training available for fertility specialists.

Award-winning researcher and FCLV founder, Dr. Shapiro, has long been one of America’s leading forces advancing the science and practice of reproductive endocrinology. His lifelong commitment to research and innovation, combined with his friendly and caring bedside manner, has helped make our top fertility center an oasis of hope for people seeking to overcome infertility and grow their families.

Dr. Bedient is a champion of reproductive freedom, with special interests in fertility preservation for patients undergoing toxic therapies for medical conditions such as cancer, as well as third-party reproduction for same-sex couples and LGBT individuals. She, too, is an active researcher making significant contributions to infertility and its treatment.

San Diego Fertility Center (USA)

Located in Southern California, the San Diego Fertility Center is a mecca for IVF and reproductive health treatment. With success rates that consistently exceed the national average, the center has become a referral point for complicated cases. Not only does it offer a comprehensive range of fertility treatments, but it also specializes in surrogacy and egg donation.

Overlake Reproductive Health, Bellevue, Washington, USA

Overlake reproductive health is nationally recognized for its high IVF success rates as a “go-to” clinic for a thorough baseline evaluation to diagnose factors contributing to male and female factor infertility.

In addition to providing thorough baseline fertility testing, Overlake Reproductive Health is committed to thoroughly discussing each patient and partner to formulate individualized treatment plans tailored to your needs and fertility interests.On top of their high success rates and thorough fertility testing, Overlake Reproductive Health is one of the only clinics in Washington State offering minimally invasive removal of fibroids and endometrial polyps, helping couples and individuals suffering from infertility caused by reproductive challenges.

The Best IVF Specialists in the USA

John Zhang

  • Designation: Medical Director, Founder
  • Education: MD, MSc, PhD

Board-eligible reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists
Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Doctor Zhang is the founder of the New Hope Fertility Center in New York City, where he has been working as the medical director since its inception in 2004. He is a leading fertility specialist in the USA and at the global level. His ultimate goal is to make fertility approaches that are more convenient and less invasive than ever before. Dr. Zhang actively oversees his patients’ processes and is proud of the achievements indicating the success of New Hope Fertility Center.

Awards and Accolades

  • 2013-Resolve Hope Award for Achievement
  • 2015–2017: Top Fertility Clinic
  • 2016: Nature’s Ten: Ten People That Mattered in 2016”
  • 2016: Best IVF Clinics, Forbes
  • 2016 Foreign Policy: Global Thinkers Award Nominee

Dr. William Schoolcraft

  • Education: MD, HCLD
  • Experience: 35+ years

Dr. William is the founder and medical director of CCRM. In his extensive experience of over 35 years, Dr. Schoolcraft and his team have helped families conceive more than 100,000 babies through successful fertility treatments. He received his medical training from the University of Kansas and finished his residency in obstetrics and gynecology in 1983 at UCLA. He is a well-known name and face frequently seen in top magazines and interviews on TV channels.

IVF Clinic in Thailand

First Fertility PGS Center

The First Fertility PGS Center in bustling Bangkok, Thailand, is Asia's renowned fertility treatment clinic. Famous for their commitment to advanced care, patient comfort is a top priority within our advanced facilities. Their comprehensive team, consisting of highly trained IVF doctors, embryologists, nurses, and personal assistants, is always ready to navigate patients through the complexities of the IVF process.

Takara IVF Bangkok

Takara IVF Bangkok is proud and honored to give assistance to people in creating families through the help of fertility treatments. Takara means treasure in Japanese. The clinic merges emotional and medical care to enhance patients' satisfaction.
The specialists are highly skilled and monitor every step in the journey to parenthood.
Takara serves international patients with advanced fertility care solutions at a pocket-friendly price. Along with that, one can also enjoy a variety of attractions that are filled in Thailand, such as islands, jungles, beaches, food, festivals, and unique culture.

The Best IVF Doctors in Thailand

Dr. Noppadol Chuntornteptevun

  • Specialty: Fertility Specialist
  • Experience: 38+ years

Professional Experience:

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital (BPK 9), Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Noppadol is a highly experienced specialist with experience spanning nearly four decades. He has gained his experience from various top hospitals in Thailand. He received his medical education from Chulalongkorn University.

Professional Membership:

  • The Thai Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  •  Awards and Recognitions:
  • Famous personalities on the Thailand Medical News platform

Dr. Jongjate Aojanepong

  • Specialty: IVF Specialist
  • Experience: 43+ years

Jetanin IVF Clinic, Thailand 

Dr. Jongjate is one of the reputed obstetricians and gynecologists in Bangkok, Thailand. He has experience spanning more than four decades. His area of expertise is infertility treatment and reproductive medicine. He received his specialty training in 1979 from Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand; in 1983, he completed the Diploma of the Thai Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology; and in 1986, he completed a Fellowship in Infertility.

IVF Clinics in Australia

Virtus Health, Australia

Virtus Health is one of the leading fertility groups in Australia. It has over 100 fertility specialists spread in multiple states. This clinic is famous for its continuous research and development in this field to improve IVF outcomes.

Queensland Fertility Group, Mackay, Queensland,Australia

QFG clinics are spread across Queensland and have made fertility treatment more accessible with the best specialists and advanced technology. Support is given at every step of the journey, starting with testing, diagnosis,diagnosis and even after you have created your own family. 
Queensland Fertility Group was founded in 1983. Fertility specialists associated with this clinic were responsible for Queensland's first IVF baby birth in 1984.

The best IVF doctor in Australia

Dr. John Esler

Dr. John is Australia’s leading fertility specialist. He has extensive experience, knowledge,knowledge and technology to give you the maximum chance of success. He is renowned for his pursuit of excellence in the IVF circle. He is a global leader and pioneer in “day-five freeze-all" cycles. Dr. John’s fertility practice has excellent success rates that are the best in the country.

Dr. Frank Quinn

Dr Frank has vast experience with him in this speciality and is currently working as Medical Director for IVF Australia.He has comprehensive knowledge and experience in briefing various aspects of infertility, including female and male infertility. Dr. Frank has completed his initial training in obstetrics and gynecology at St. George Hospital, Kogarah. He gained international experience in the UK.

The best IVF Clinics in Bangladesh


Sanatani Fertility Centre is one of the best-known fertility centers in Bangladesh, maintaining the highest standards of excellence in fertility care. Most importance is given to the proper diagnosis and individualized care for each individual. They have a team of experienced doctors to advise patients throughout the whole treatment process. They ensure individualized care for your health and wellness from the time you get in touch with them.


The Fertility Care Center at Evercare Hospital Dhaka is among the fewest and best fertility centers in Bangladesh. This center has established itself as one of the most successful IVF programs in the country,providing treatment at par with international standards. They provide genuine care, warmth,warmth  and support with total patient confidentiality. More than 300 babies have been born through IVF since 2009.

The best IVF doctors in Bangladesh

Dr. Salma Akter Munmun

  • Designation: Consultant.
  • Specialty: Laparoscopic Surgeon and Infertility Specialist.
  • Education: MBBS, MCPS, FSPS (gynecology).

Dr. Sama is a well-known infertility specialist and gynecologist in Bangladesh. She is currently associated with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital as a consultant in the department of obstetrics and gynecology. She is an experienced specialist, and providing the best possible care to her patients is her first priority.

Prof. Dr. T. A. Chowdhury

  • Designation: Senior Consultant
  • Specialty: Gynecology and Infertility Specialist
  • Education: MBBS, FRCS, FRCOG, FRCP, FCPS (PK), FCPS (BD)

Prof. Dr. T. A. Chowdhury is one of the most celebrated gynecologists in Dhaka. He is currently working as a senior consultant in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Birdem General Hospital and Ibrahim Medical College.

The Best IVF Clinics in Malaysia

KL Fertility Center

KL Fertility Centre has been working continuously for the last two decades to assist couples having children across three continents. Since its inception, KL Fertility Center has provided support links to make positive lifestyle changes, like diet, to achieve better outcomes.


At Sunfert, they have a perfect blend of expertise and advanced technology. Specialists have extensive experience and provide the best possible treatment for the couple. Additionally, they have the best packages and high success rates. With the help of high-tech technology and the best method, conception results are improved.

IVF doctors in Malaysia

Dato Dr. Colin Lee Soon Soo

  • Education: MBBS (Australia), MMed (Singapore), FRCOG (United Kingdom)
  • Experience: 31 years

Dato Dr. Colin is the most famous fertility specialist in Malaysia. He has extensive experience spanning more than 27 years in this field. He was the founder and former managing director of Malaysia’s Tropicana Medical Center. He started a new ultramodern fertility center in 2011.

Dato Dr. Prashant Nadkarni

  • Education: MBBS (Malaysia), MD Obs and Gyne (United Kingdom), MRCOG (United Kingdom)
  • Experience: 30 years

Dato Dr. Prashant is a highly skilled and well-known fertility specialist in Malaysia. He has over three decades of experience in this field. He has assisted more than 1,000 couples in having children and aims to make fertility treatment easily accessible to all. He has experience working at some of the best hospitals in the UK. He received the training with Prof. Ian Craf,who is one of the pioneers of IVF treatment. He received the education and training for some of the advanced technologies that are routinely used in IVF treatment back in the 1980s.

The Best IVF Clinic in the Philippines

Repro Optima

Repro Optima is among the leading reproductive centers in Asia. It is a one-stop center for advanced reproductive care that includes a comprehensive range of services, starting from basic consultation to testing to more advanced treatments. With a highly proficient team of doctors and healthcare specialists, they provide advanced fertility solutions on par with international standards while taking into consideration cost effectiveness and overall patient comfort.

Co-Sy Fertility Clinic and IVF Center

Co-Sy Fertility and IVF Center is an institution for reproductive medicine that provides expert care and uninterrupted support to couples looking for infertility treatment. The center is fully equipped to treat couples with complex fertility challenges with a highly trained team of clinicians, staff, and advanced infrastructure and technology.

The Best IVF Doctors in the Philippines

Dr. Virna Noreena Seno

  • Qualifications: MD, APUA, DPBU
  • Experience: 10+ years

Dr. Seno is among the best fertility doctors in Cebu, Philippines. She has vast expertise and excellent qualifications. She has experiences in performing the topmost procedures.She is famous for her surgical methods.

Professional Membership:

  • UST Medical Alumni Association
  • Philippine Urological Association
  • UST Alumni Association
  • The Philippine Medical Association
  • Philippine Board of Urology

Dr. Romeo Lyoyd Romero

  • Qualifications: MD in Urology and Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Experience: 10+ years

Dr . Romeo  is one of the best infertility doctors in the Philippines.He performs treatments with  his extensive experience in this field that increases chances for couples to achieve top pregnancy results.He has high expertise in various methods. 

Professional Membership:

  • Associate of the Philippine Urological Association
  • Diplomate of the Philippine Board of Urology
  • The Philippine Medical Association
  • Philippine Urological Association
  • European Urological Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country has the best IVF?

Top IVF destinations globally on the basis of success rate include Dubai, India, Thailand, Canada,Canada ,Australia ,Bangladesh ,Malaysia and the Philippines.

In what country is IVF the cheapest?

India and Nepal are the only countries in the world offering the lowest IVF cost across the globe.

Who is most successful with IVF?

Age plays a major role in the success rate of IVF treatment. The highest chances of success with IVF treatment are seen in women in the age group of 24 to 34, as this age group is when women are most fertile. IVF becomes more difficult when there are multiple miscarriages or other fertility issues.

How many times can you try IVF?

Top fertility specialists suggest a maximum of 3 to 4 cycles. Couples should not plan for more than three to four IVF cycles. After that point, when IVF isn't successful, other options should be considered.

Is India good for IVF?

In India, general IVF success rates are on par with those in the U.S. and the rest of the world at a cost that is a quarter fraction in comparison to Western countries.

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