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Best Countries for Plastic Surgery

With increased accessibility and affordability, plastic surgery procedures are no longer exclusive luxuries for the wealthy, particularly in some countries. Today, people commonly opt for plastic surgery to address dissatisfaction with their appearance, seeking to eliminate imperfections and enhance natural beauty. The global interest in both surgical and non-surgical procedures is evident, and various factors like cultural influences, healthcare standards, and costs contribute to the varying affordability of plastic surgery in different countries.

The global market for cosmetic surgery, valued at $55.68 billion in 2022, is experiencing robust growth and is anticipated to reach $75.20 billion by 2030, exhibiting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.9%. This growth is driven by an increasing demand for cosmetic procedures spanning various age groups and genders. Notably, there is a notable rise in men seeking treatments to maintain a youthful appearance, with the 35 to 50 years age group taking the lead, especially in non-surgical procedures like botulinum toxin.

It's noteworthy to mention that winter is considered the optimal time for plastic surgery, as it minimizes patients' exposure to the sun. Fortunately, due to advancements in globalization, travel has become more accessible and economical, offering individuals the choice to undergo surgery either domestically or internationally. However, selecting the right country  for plastic surgery raises the question: which is the top country for plastic surgery? A comprehensive study has identified several nations renowned for their expertise and proficiency in various cosmetic surgery procedures, making them preferred destinations for individuals seeking aesthetic enhancements. 

List of Best Countries for Plastic Surgery

Here, is the list of top 10 countries for plastic surgery:

1. Turkey

Plastic surgery costs in Turkey are notably more economical than other countries, with hospital fees being 90% lower than those for similar services in Western Europe or the USA. A crucial consideration, especially amid times of crisis and economic challenges, is the enhanced affordability of medical treatment in Turkey, prioritizing foreign residents over tourists. Cosmetic surgery in Turkey is conducted by certified and well-trained surgeons, overseen by the country's medical association. Regular inspections of plastic surgery clinics and hospitals in Turkey are conducted by medical associations such as the International Medical Association and the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (TSAPS). These inspections ensure that surgeons have undergone an examination to confirm their necessary expertise before performing procedures. Patients also have the option to verify a surgeon's credentials on the TSAPS website.

2. India

India stands out as  top country for plastic surgery, offering an optimal choice to enhance your appearance without incurring exorbitant expenses. The country boasts an impressive cadre of around 5,000 active cosmetic surgeons, recognized not only for their expertise but also for certifications granted by esteemed authorities within the nation. India's top-tier hospitals provide services ensuring high-quality plastic surgeries at affordable rates, making the option of undergoing surgery abroad worthwhile, especially considering the often significantly lower costs compared to the West. Indian plastic surgeons hold certifications from the Medical Council of India and undergo rigorous training processes before achieving qualification. Emphasizing the paramount importance of quality in plastic surgery, India has gained global renown for maintaining impeccable standards. When embarking on a surgical procedure in India, it is imperative to ensure that your chosen plastic surgeon is board-certified, as making the wrong decision could lead to disastrous results.

3. Thailand

Thailand has emerged as one of the best countries for plastic surgery, ranking among the top 20 countries globally in recent years. Its popularity is attributed to the availability of high-quality packages at affordable costs. The country boasts top-rated hospitals equipped with advanced medical technology, encompassing state-of-the-art operation rooms and recovery facilities, ensuring a superior level of service and patient satisfaction. Recognized as the 'Land of Smile,' Thailand extends warm and welcoming hospitality to patients. Its reputation as a leading medical tourism destination is further solidified by the combination of high-quality and cost-effective treatments offered in cosmopolitan and easily accessible locations. Patients choose Thailand for plastic surgery not only for the world-class experience but also for the value they receive for their money, thanks to favorable currency exchange rates and minimized overhead costs.

4. Ukraine

Ukraine has established itself as a prominent hub for safe and cost-effective plastic surgery, featuring accredited and renowned surgeons who are highly sought after in the field, becoming one of the best countries for plastic surgery. It has emerged as one of the most sought-after global destinations for various cosmetic surgery procedures. The allure lies in the affordability of these procedures compared to having them done domestically. Patients opting for plastic surgery in Ukraine not only benefit from cost savings but also have the convenience of staying closer to home. Additionally, they can explore a range of luxury vacation packages following the completion of their procedures. The cost advantage is particularly notable when comparing plastic surgery expenses in Ukraine, , one of the best countries for plastic surgery, to those incurred in the United States and the UK.

5. South Korea

South Korea stands out as one of the best countries for plastic surgery, offering prices that are typically much more affordable than in the United States or Western Europe. The flexibility for patients to choose their surgeon and pricing according to individual needs contributes to this cost advantage. Renowned for their youthful good looks, confidence, and professionalism, South Korea has earned international acclaim in the field of cosmetic surgery. Common procedures include breast implants, facial reconstructions, laser surgeries, and more. The country boasts some of the best plastic surgeons who stay abreast of advancements and technological progressions in the field. Through continuous participation in workshops, conferences, and industry events, these surgeons remain informed about medical trends globally. South Korean healthcare facilities employ cutting-edge technology, integrating robotic systems to enhance various cosmetic procedures. Technologies like 3-D modeling systems aid in visualizing potential results, particularly with gene therapy or stem cell treatment options. These innovations ensure sterility, reduce infection risks, and deliver precise and accurate outcomes aligned with patient expectations, making South Korea one of the best countries for plastic surgery.

6. Mexico

Mexico has emerged as a prominent destination for safe and cost-effective plastic surgery, featuring accredited and renowned surgeons who are highly sought after. The country is now among the most preferred choices worldwide for various cosmetic surgery procedures. These surgeries are notably more economical compared to undergoing them domestically, offering patients the advantage of staying closer to home and enjoying a range of luxurious vacation packages post-procedure. Plastic surgery in Mexico, one of the best countries for plastic surgery,  known for being less expensive than comparable surgeries in the United States and other nations. Patients can opt for a medical vacation in Mexico, spending approximately $5,000, inclusive of a recovery stay lasting four to five days in a resort-like environment.


Brazil, one of the best countries for plastic surgery, is globally recognized for its exceptional proficiency in implant and liposuction procedures. Surgeons in the country have garnered a well-deserved reputation for their expertise, establishing Brazil as a highly sought-after destination for patients worldwide. The surgical outcomes delivered by Brazil's surgeons are renowned for their excellence, attracting individuals from diverse corners of the globe seeking top-tier surgical procedures. The plastic surgery industry in Brazil continues to ascend, with professionals consistently showcasing a high level of skill and excellence.

8. Greece

Greece, one of the best countries for plastic surgery,  has emerged as a specialized hub for implant surgeries, solidifying its status as a niche destination for individuals seeking top-notch procedures in this field. Surgeons in the country are highly esteemed for their proficiency in implant surgeries, attracting patients who prioritize excellence and precision in their medical procedures. Greece's reputation in this specialized area has contributed to its standing as a preferred destination for those seeking advanced and high-quality implant surgeries.

9. Italy

Italy distinguishes itself in the realm of plastic surgery with its proficiency in Botox treatments and liposuction. Medical professionals in Italy, one of the best countries for plastic surgery, have dedicated themselves to refining their skills in these specific areas, consistently delivering exceptional results to patients seeking these particular procedures. Italy's reputation in the field of plastic surgery is marked by the precision and effectiveness of its treatments, making it a notable destination for those looking for excellence in Botox and liposuction procedures.

10. Germany

Renowned for its high standards of healthcare, Germany offers a diverse array of plastic surgery procedures performed by highly skilled and experienced surgeons, becoming one of the best countries for plastic surgery. The country's commitment to patient safety and quality outcomes has positioned it as a preferred choice for individuals seeking reliable and effective aesthetic treatments. Germany stands out not only for its renowned surgeons but also for its state-of-the-art facilities, creating an environment conducive to advanced and successful plastic surgery interventions.


Which country has the cheapest fat transfer?

Turkey is known for notably more economical plastic surgery costs, including fat transfer procedures.

Is plastic surgery cheaper in India?

Yes, plastic surgery in India is more affordable compared to many Western countries, attracting patients seeking cost-effective procedures.

Why is plastic surgery so cheap in Thailand?

Thailand offers cost-effective plastic surgery due to the availability of high-quality packages at affordable costs, favorable currency exchange rates, and minimized overhead costs.

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