Breast Reduction Surgery in Chennai

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Breast Reduction Surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves making incisions in your skin to reduce the size and weight of your brea...
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Breast Reduction Surgery In India

95% Success Rate
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95% Success Rate
11000+ Doctors
150+ Top Hospitals
250+ Surgeries
35+ Countries


Breast Reduction Surgery has garnered significant popularity due to its highly effective approach in addressing a wide range of concerns, spanning both physical and emotional realms. A 2017 study, published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal, unveiled substantial improvements in psychological well-being, sexual satisfaction, physical health, and overall breast contentment after undergoing reduction surgery. Globally, around five million breast reduction procedures are performed annually, with approximately ninety thousand taking place in the United States each year.

Large breasts often have a profound psychological effect, causing many individuals to feel self-conscious and embarrassed about their size and overall appearance. Consequently, as awareness of treatments like breast reduction surgery grows, there is an increasing demand for enhanced precision and sophistication to achieve the desired outcomes. This underscores the vital role played by skilled and well-equipped plastic surgeons in performing these procedures.

In India, plastic surgeons are widely recognized for their excellence in conducting these operations, thanks to their exceptional expertise and access to advanced medical facilities. Furthermore, India boasts state-of-the-art hospitals and cutting-edge surgical equipment, further enhancing the surgeon's ability to deliver safe and precise results. This combination of highly qualified medical professionals and advanced healthcare infrastructure positions India as a top destination for individuals seeking cosmetic procedures, including breast reduction surgery. Consequently, individuals from around the world have excellent opportunities to access best doctors for breast reduction surgery and best hospitals for breast reduction surgery in India.

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Types of Breast Reduction Surgery

A surgeon can perform Breast Reduction Surgery using any of the following approaches based on their analysis:

  • Vertical ("lollipop") reduction: In this approach, a vertical incision is made from the bottom of your areola (the darker skin surrounding your nipple) down to the base of your breast, along with a circumferential incision around the border of your areola. This method is most suitable for moderate breast size reduction and is especially effective when addressing noticeable sagging.
  • Inverted-T ("anchor") reduction: Similar to the lollipop method, the inverted-T reduction employs the same incisions, but it includes an additional incision along the lower crease of your breasts. This technique is ideal for more substantial breast size reduction, as well as addressing pronounced breast sagging and asymmetry.
  • Liposuction: For individuals seeking a slight reduction in breast size, surgeons may recommend liposuction, a less invasive procedure that involves the removal of a small amount of fat. However, this method is not advisable if you have significant amounts of fatty tissue, sagging, or breast asymmetry.
  • Combined breast lift and augmentation: Another potential option involves combining a breast lift with augmentation. Typically used for cosmetic purposes, this procedure combines a traditional breast reduction with the addition of implants to achieve the desired breast shape and reduce the risk of sagging.

Pre-Evaluation for Breast Reduction Surgery

The success and safety of your breast reduction surgery hinge on your willingness to be completely open and forthright during your consultation. Being able to openly discuss your motivations for seeking the surgery, your expectations, desired results, and undergoing a comprehensive medical assessment are critical steps in achieving the best possible outcome. The pre-evaluation process includes:

  • Assessing your overall health and identifying any pre-existing medical conditions or risk factors
  • Conducting an examination of your breasts, including detailed measurements of their size, shape, skin condition, and the positioning of your nipples and areolas
  • Capturing photographs of your breasts for inclusion in your medical records
  • Engaging in discussions about your available options and receiving recommendations for a suitable treatment plan
  • Conversations about the expected outcomes of the procedure, as well as any potential risks or complications
  • Addressing the use of anesthesia during the surgical procedure

The planning phase for breast reduction surgery may additionally involve:

  • A mammogram
  • Abstaining from smoking for at least six weeks before and after the surgery
  • Refraining from taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal supplements to minimize the risk of bleeding during the surgery

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How is Breast Reduction Surgery done?

Depending on your specific circumstances, breast reduction surgery can be conducted either in an outpatient facility or may necessitate an overnight stay in the hospital. In either scenario, you will receive general anesthesia, which means you will be rendered unconscious during the procedure. It is essential to have someone accompany you who can drive you back home and stay with you, particularly if you won't be staying overnight in the hospital.

The surgical procedure itself typically lasts approximately three to five hours. Your surgeon will create an incision encircling your nipple and extending downward on your breast, forming a keyhole shape. Excess skin, tissue, and fat will be removed, and the nipple will be repositioned before closing the incisions. Drainage tubes may be used by your surgeon, followed by suturing the incision and applying a dressing. If deemed necessary by your surgeon, you may be instructed to wear a surgical bra.

Complications of Breast Reduction Surgery

Just like any major surgical procedure, breast reduction surgery carries potential risks such as infection, scarring, and bleeding. Additionally, there are anesthesia-related side effects to consider, including nausea, dry mouth, or a sore throat.

Furthermore, there can be some specific risks and side effects associated with this surgery such as:

  • Numbness in the nipples
  • Scars that may appear puckered
  • Development of internal scars leading to a bumpy texture
  • Possibility of incisions opening, particularly at the lower portion
  • Stitches not dissolving and coming out
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Alterations in nipple shape
  • Challenges with breastfeeding
  • In rare instances, insufficient blood flow to the nipple and areola, resulting in a condition known as nipple necrosis

Additionally, it is advisable to discuss any plans for future pregnancies with your surgeon, as this may impact the shape and size of your breasts post-surgery. In some cases, doctors may recommend waiting until you have completed your childbearing before undergoing the procedure.

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You may expect following immediately following the surgery:

  • Your breasts will be wrapped in bandages and secured with a surgical bra to maintain their position
  • Drainage tubes may be inserted under each arm to remove any excess blood or fluids
  • You may be prescribed pain medication and antibiotics to minimize pain and reduce the risk of infection

You may expect following in the initial days to a week after the procedure:

  • Your breasts are likely to experience tenderness
  • Swelling and bruising of the breasts may occur
  • You will wear a front-closing surgical bra for breast support

You may expect following subsequently after a week:

  • Its crucial to restrict physical activity for a period of 4 to 6 weeks while allowing your breasts to heal
  • Continuously wear an approved surgical bra to facilitate healing and reduce swelling
  • Over the time, scarring will naturally fade
  • A follow-up appointment with your surgeon will be necessary to assess your recovery progress

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Life after Breast Reduction Surgery

You may expect following changes in your life after Breast Reduction Surgery:

  • Plan for a minimum of one week off from work or school post-surgery, although some may need up to two weeks, as it varies per individual
  • Your surgeon will provide instructions for follow-up appointments to remove bandages and sutures
  • Expect to refrain from strenuous physical activity for at least one month post-surgery
  • Understand that breast reduction surgery can be physically and emotionally demanding, so maintaining open communication with your doctor is essential
  • Successful breast reduction surgery can alleviate upper back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as improve your ability to participate in physical activities and boost your self-image
  • Immediate results will be apparent, but complete swelling reduction and fading of surgical scars may take several months
  • Typically, the final outcome is long-lasting, but factors like aging, weight changes, pregnancy, and other variables can potentially impact breast shape and size over time

Success Rate of Breast Reduction Surgery

Based on a survey conducted from 2000 to 2010, more than 95% of the women who participated expressed satisfaction with their breast reduction surgery. They also expressed willingness to undergo the procedure again. This underscores the enhancement in the patients quality of life, irrespective of the extent of breast tissue reduction. Additionally, it implies that the patient's size and weight do not influence this favorable outcome.

Treatment Cost Analysis & Comparison for Breast Reduction Surgery

The cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in India are quite affordable than in the Western nations, while still maintaining world-class quality. The typical price of this surgery ranges from approximately $ 89,615 ($1,127) to $ 2,42,921 ($3,055).

Location Minimum Cost ($) Average Cost ($) Maximum Cost ($)
Delhi $ 1226 $ 1774 $ 3332
Mumbai $ 1272 $ 1838 $ 3452
Chennai $ 1102 $ 1595 $ 2997
Hyderabad $ 1070 $ 1545 $ 2900

Comparison of cost of Breast Reduction Surgery with other western countries:

Country Minimum Cost ($) Average Cost ($) Maximum Cost ($)
USA $5,000 $6,000 $7,000
Singapore $18,000 $30,500 $43,000
Australia $10,000 $12250 $14,500

Factors Affecting Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

Following are the factors affecting cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in India:

  • Out of pocket expense
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Consultation fees
  • Pre-Surgical expenses
  • Breast size and weight
  • Surgery cost
  • Hospital fees
  • Doctor fees
  • Patients age
  • Type of procedure
  • Overall health status of the patients
  • Complications involved after the surgery
  • City where hospital is located

Cost of Diagnostics for Breast Reduction Surgery

The cost of diagnostic tests and evaluations linked to breast reduction surgery can fluctuate due to several factors. These factors include the particular tests needed, your choice of healthcare facility or clinic, and your geographical location. These diagnostic evaluations may include pre-operative assessments, mammogram, photographs, allergy tests, blood tests, urine tests, and other evaluations aimed at confirming your suitability for the procedure. The approximate cost of diagnostics for breast reduction surgery is INR 2000-5000.

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