The Top JCI Accredited Hospitals in India

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The Top JCI Accredited Hospitals in India

Joint Commission International, commonly abbreviated JCI, is a US-based independent nonprofit organization that identifies, measures, and shares best quality practices and patient safety across the globe. The organization has been acknowledged as a world leader in healthcare quality of care and patient safety. JCI provides groundbreaking healthcare solutions to help organizations engaged in healthcare across all settings enhance performance and outcomes. India boasts a total of 54 JCI-accredited hospitals, symbolizing the highest medical standards maintained in the healthcare industry across the country.

List of 10 JCI-Accredited Hospitals In India

Let's take a walk through the top 10 JCI-accredited hospitals in India. These hospitals are famed amongst international medical travelers coming to India for treatment. Moreover, the hospitals listed below have earned the trust of patients coming from 50+ countries. The hospitals implement avant-garde medical technology in their disease diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

The capital of India, New Delhi, is the place where the global leader amongst hospitals was established back in 1996 and has many firsts to its credit. It has a bedding capacity of 1000 beds, with more than 800 physicians associated with it. It has avant-garde facilities devoted to providing world-class healthcare, which has earned this hospital a remarkable reputation both in India and abroad. Accreditation is evidence of its quality standards and constant effort to provide safe and effective hospital services. Apollo Hospital New Delhi is a JCI- and NABL-accredited hospital.

By integrating advanced technology, skilled medical professionals, and a patient-centric approach, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital incessantly provides world-class healthcare that meets the needs of patients from India and around the world.

As the healthcare industry evolves, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital remains in the leading position, adapting to new technologies and treatment modalities. With a strong track record of success and a patient-focused approach, the hospital is in a favorable position to shape the future of healthcare in India and beyond.

Medanta: The Medicity, Gurgaon

Medanta, which was established in 2009 and is located in Gurugram, has made its name resound in India and abroad in a few years. Medanta has established itself as a premier healthcare facility, providing a wide range of treatments and avant-garde facilities.
It stands as an embodiment of excellence in the healthcare industry and is a pioneer in medical advancement. JCI, NABL, and NABH accredit it, further certifying its quality of services and avant-garde infrastructure and technology. It has a capacity of 1250 beds, and more than 1000 physicians are associated with Medanta. Its connectivity to the airport makes it a choice for international patients. Medanta provides comprehensive and compassionate care that truly makes a difference in patients' lives.

Artemis Hospital, Gurugram

Hospital Address: Near Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 51, Gurgaon, 122001, India

Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, is a leading healthcare institution established in 2007. It is a 380-bed hospital with over 300 doctors associated with it. It is a multispecialty hospital located in Gurugram with a vision to offer healthcare services on par with international standards. It is a JCI and NABH-accredited hospital and is well known for its dedication to patient care, advanced medical technology, and a team of highly proficient healthcare professionals.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram

Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) is one of the leading names when it comes to healthcare. It was established in 2001 in Gurgaon and has more than 300 beds, and over 500 skilled healthcare professionals are a part of FMRI.
FMRI is JCI and NABH accredited, symbolizing its commitment to delivering world-class healthcare services and maintaining international standards of patient safety. With its specialized treatments, ultramodern facilities, and patient-centric approach, FMRI has become a reputed healthcare center providing world-class healthcare services. FMRI makes sure that patients receive the best possible care and treatment, providing hope and healing in the hearts of numerous individuals.

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi

In the hustle and bustle of a city like New Delhi with several healthcare options, one hospital stands out for its dedication to providing comprehensive and advanced medical services: Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket. With its ultramodern facilities, prestigious accreditations like JCI NABH and NABL, accessible location, and broad range of specialties, Max Saket has become a ray of hope for patients looking for world-class healthcare. 
It was established in 2006 and has a capacity of more than 530 beds, and over 250 healthcare professionals are attached to it. With its wide range of medical specialties, ultramodern facilities, accreditations,accreditations and patient-first approach, it has earned the reputation of a world-class healthcare provider. The hospital's convenient location and commitment to quality make it an ideal choice for patients not only from New Delhi but also from all around the world. With a legacy of excellence and a vision for the future, Max Hospital Saket continues to pave the way for advancements in the healthcare industry, transforming lives and offering a place of healing for all who seek its services.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, located in Mumbai, is a renowned institution that is revolutionizing healthcare. Its specialties and state-of-the-art facilities have bagged this institution prestigious accreditations like JCI, NABH,NABH and NABL. Its convenient proximity to the airport has made it one of patients' go-to hospitals for international patients. It has marked its place in the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare industry. Its convenient proximity to the airport ensures easy access, and its contributions to medical research, education, and community outreach solidify its place as an influential player in the healthcare landscape. It was established in 2009 and has a bedding capacity of over 750 beds. More than 500 skilled professionals are a part of this hospital.

Whether you are seeking specialized treatment or simply want to experience the highest standards of healthcare, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is a name synonymous with trust, compassion, and innovation. When it comes to your health, you deserve nothing but the best, and this remarkable institution delivers on that promise.

Aster Medcity, Kochi, Kerala

Aster Medcity has been making waves in the healthcare industry for providing specialized healthcare services that are comprehensive and on par with international standards. As the world progresses, so does the demand for quality and specialized healthcare, and Aster Medcity, Kochi, Kerala has been providing top-quality healthcare in a convenient and accessible manner since its inception in 2014. It has a capacity of more than 670 beds and has the solid backing of more than 300 healthcare professionals. It has been accredited by NABH, JCI, and NABL for maintaining international standards in patient care and avant-garde technology and infrastructure. Aster Medcity has established itself as one of the leading names in the healthcare industry.

Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Apollo Hospital Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore,a multispecialty hospital, was established in 2007 and is part of the Apollo Hospitals Group, one of the largest healthcare providers in India. It is a 250-bed hospital with more than 180 skilled healthcare professionals. Apollo Hospital has been instrumental in transforming the healthcare landscape in Bangalore with its mission to provide healthcare of international standards to each and every individual. Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, has been a beacon of excellence in the healthcare industry since its inception. It is NABH and JCI-accredited. With its specialized services, state-of-the-art facilities, accreditations, and strategic location, the hospital is well-equipped to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of patients. Whether it's cardiac care, cancer treatment, orthopedic surgeries, or neurological interventions, Apollo Hospital Bannerghatta Road combines expertise, technology, and compassion to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi

FEHI (Fortis Escorts Heart Institute) is an eminent name in providing world-class cardiac care. It was established in 1988 in New Delhi, with a capacity of 285 beds and over 300 dedicated healthcare professionals. With its ultramodern facilities, specialized expertise, and commitment to patient-centered care, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute has become a ray of hope for those suffering from heart problems. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi is a world-class cardiac care facility that offers specialized services, state-of-the-art facilities, and a patient-centered approach and is JCI, NABL, and NABH accredited.
With its center on innovation, research, and collaboration, the institute has made remarkable contributions to the healthcare industry in India. Whether it's complex cardiac surgeries, interventional procedures, or heart failure management, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute has confirmed itself as a trusted name in the field of cardiac care.

MGM Healthcare, Chennai

MGM Healthcare is one of the leading names in healthcare and has established its name by providing excellent quality of care and avant-garde infrastructure. It provides world-class healthcare facilities in Chennai. It was established in 1970 and has been a shining example of excellence in healthcare since then. It is furnished with more than 400 beds, and over 200 healthcare professionals are providing their healthcare services to the needy. NABH, NABL, and JCI have accredited the hospital for its high-quality care and for maintaining international standards. MGM Healthcare is a multi-specialty healthcare center committed to providing comprehensive services with a patient-centric approach and is poised to make further advancements in the healthcare industry, setting new benchmarks for quality and patient satisfaction.

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