Hair Transplant Cost In India

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Hair Transplant Cost In India

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from one part of the body [donor site] and transplanted to a bald or balding area [receiver site]. Hair transplants, also known as hair transplantation, are used to cure baldness in both men and women. This medical procedure, however, is known as a "treatment for male balding patterns" since it is more commonly utilized on men. Hair transplants can also be used to repair or restore areas around the eyes, such as eyelashes, brows, or the beard and chest. It is also occasionally used to conceal a scar caused by trauma. Wecansimply understand  that hair transplantation is a surgical technique that involves moving individual, natural hair follicles from the sides and back of the head (donor area) to balding areas (receiver area). It is not a new operation; it was one of the first treatments for male pattern baldness. However, the area of hair restoration has progressed significantly from its humble beginnings. Today’s procedures include less hair loss for the patient, quicker hair transplant recovery times, and more natural-looking results than ever before.
The hair transplant process can be divided into three key stages:

  • Extraction.
  • Implantation
  • Healing
  • Each follicle is retrieved and ready to be placed in the recipient location during the extraction process.
  • During implantation, a microblading needle is used to insert healthy follicles into small scalp incisions.
  • Genetics determines the success of fresh hair growth from holes.

Factors Influencing Hair Transplant Costs

  • The extent of hair loss: If you only have modest hair loss, treating a severe case will be less expensive. Furthermore, if you are currently on medicine for your ailment, you will have an advantage over those who are not.
  • The number of grafts: The more grafts you require, the greater your cost, because more grafts require more time and money for surgery. You may need a certain number of grafts, determined by the type and severity of your illness.
  • Location: If you live in a nation with no top surgeons or hospitals. It may take longer to receive treatment than if you were in another nation with experienced surgeons and facilities that specialize in treating illnesses such as alopecia.
  • The doctor's reputation: The doctor's reputation is also important when choosing the cost. A widely recognized surgeon will charge more than an unskilled one since he has years of experience and can conduct treatments correctly while maintaining quality and safety standards.
  • Transplantation Technique: The type of surgery used for your therapy can influence the cost. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is one of the most popular procedures for extracting hair follicles from the back of the head. Nonetheless, it is one of the most expensive treatments due to the surgeon's increased time and effort. DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) entails removing skin strips from your scalp while leaving each follicle intact. That approach is less expensive than FUE, but it necessitates two distinct surgeries: one to harvest follicles and another to implant them in your scalp, which may be more painful than a single-session operation.
  • Number of sessions: The number of sessions required for hair transplantation additionally affects the cost. If you are only balding in one location, a single session may be sufficient to cover the entire area.

However, if you are balding in various spots and require coverage for your entire head, you will need multiple procedures, each of which will be more expensive than the previous one because more grafts will need to be transplanted.

Average Hair Transplant Cost Across Major Cities

City Cost in USD ( Approximate )
Delhi 1500-4800
Gurugram 1500-5200
Mumbai 1800-5800
Pune 1200-3500
Bangalore  1550-5500
Chennai 1200-3600
Hyderabad 1550-3800

Cost Based on Type of Hair Transplant Procedure

Procedure Cost ( approximate )
FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) (Open Surgery) 2200-5800
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) (Mesh Repair) 1500-4800
DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) 1200-5500
PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy 800-2000

Choosing the Right Clinic and Surgeon

A variety of variables contribute to the title of top hair transplant facility. It is extremely difficult to identify a single center that meets all of these criteria, but narrowing down to one or two that can tick the majority of these boxes may be easier.

  • Doctor Credentials: The credentials of the surgeon are the most significant element. You would not want to put your head in the hands of a technician who lacks basic surgical training or, for that matter, is not a doctor. One must be cautious in determining who the doctor is at that particular center and ensure that you meet with him and have your condition evaluated by him. Do not fall victim to scams committed by non-doctors.
  • Doctors Experience: The second consideration is the doctor's experience with hair transplant surgery. Not all doctors are trained to do hair transplant surgery, and the learning curve is severe. With the recent developments in FUE procedures, even an experienced doctor who adheres to outdated principles and fails to keep up with current advancements may be a poor choice. So you'd need to find a doctor who has at least ten years of experience performing HT operations and is up-to-date on current concepts.
  • Clinic staff: A single stick would break, but a bundle of sticks would not. Unity is strength, a lesson we learn as children, and the principle applies even to HT operations. Teamwork is always preferable to a single surgeon performing his duties and attending operating rooms. Also, an experienced doctor leading a team along with a team of young surgeons presents an excellent combination since they pass down experiences and procedures to the next generation, allowing the patient to benefit from all of the knowledge. Also, splitting work among colleagues will foster a positive working environment; like-minded doctors working together toward the same objective will result in the greatest possible outcome for the patient.
  • Clinic’s staff friendliness: Clinic personnel At any HT Center, you will come across friendly staff who will guide you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have. At this point, you'll be ready to learn more and ask any questions you have. But what did you allow me to discuss? Most of the centers here employ someone who is not a doctor and will talk like a parrot about the changes he is aware of, but when confronted with any questions about the procedure's details, he may be unable to answer them all. So the first thing to do is make sure you're speaking with a doctor and that all of your questions have been answered. Taking the time to convey my new information to the patient distinguishes the best history clinic from the rest.
  • The surgeon's aesthetic or artistic expertise: Hair transplant doctors must have aesthetic knowledge to position the grafts based on the patient's profile, age, and gender. The hair restoration method is claimed to include 60% artistic talents and other scientific approaches since the steps of designing a hairline and implanting the graft on a bald area necessitate outstanding artistic abilities that only a hair transplant professional possesses. To obtain the finest aesthetic outcomes from this operation. During implantation, the hair transplant surgeon's primary goal is to provide the patient with the most natural appearance possible. Hairline design is the best cosmetic hair transplant that must be done at the proper angle and direction. The graft must be placed in a zigzag pattern so that the hair restoration on the bald area seems natural. The surgeon must define a specific directing line based on the patient's face profile in order to do the best hair transplant surgery possible.
  • Reputation among patients based on previous experience:In the era of Internet-based searching, reviews play an important role in determining your choice. Find the best HT surgical center. I hope that after over 20 years of perusing the internet, we can now distinguish between an honest and a fraudulent review. An honest reviewer would include names, dates, and his sentiments about a specific service or object and attempt to explain in depth. In contrast, a false reviewer would brush the edges; it is unconcerned about the intimate connection that the honest reviewer has. An honest review, whether positive or negative, is always valuable since it can lead to systemic change. Advanced technology enhances the effectiveness of hair transplant procedures. In this scenario, the clinic must have up-to-date surgical technology and practices. In this manner, you can achieve the high-quality results you seek.
  • Check the clinic's success rate: Another technique to ensure that you make the appropriate decision is to look at the success rate. This will show you how many patients were treated and whether they attained the intended results.
  • Maintenance of data: Data security for all patients is critical. Personal and medical information must be kept secure. Adequate records should be available, and they should be properly managed to prevent the misuse of sensitive patient information.

List of The Best Hospital for Hair Transplants in India

Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center

Mumbai is the center for great medical care not just in India but also throughout South Asia. A city with an extensive medical history. The Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre is located in South Mumbai and serves as India's largest metropolis medical hub. The Bombay Hospital, founded nearly seven decades ago in 1952, was the consequence of Shri Rameshwardas Birla's great charity as Founder Chairman of the Bombay Hospital Trust. It began as a 440-bed hospital with the goal, in the words of its creator, "to render the same level of service to the poor that the rich would get in a good hospital."Today, the hospital has over 830 beds, some of the country's most advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment, and provides a wide range of specialized medical services. The goal, however, is unaltered. As a result, 33% of patients are treated in the general ward, with heavily subsidized expenses. Every year, the hospital's free OPD effectively treats more than 1,000,000 patients.Since its founding in 1952, the Bombay Hospital has fostered in its patients a sense of true trust. Combining exceptional medical care with a kind and humane approach has established trust. As a result, more than two lakh people securely walk through its renowned doors each year. This solid foundation has served as the basis for the hospital's pursuit of excellence in all areas of medical specialty. This has resulted in the M. P. Birla Medical Centre, formerly the Medical Research Centre.The Bombay Hospital is now considered one of the best multi-specialty tertiary-level medical centers in the country. The internationally renowned panel of doctors and consultants in every field of specialty has access to cutting-edge equipment. Assisted by a highly qualified and skilled nursing staff. It's not surprising that the Bombay Hospital attracts patients from all walks of life. Whether it's a factory worker from rural India, a high-flying executive from a multinational corporation, or a former Prime Minister and Governor of Maharashtra,.
In recent years, the demand for facial plastic surgery has risen exponentially. This can be linked to the rapid advancement of science, increased social media exposure, and a better grasp of facial aesthetics in recent decades.


Att RECON, the Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery, can meet all of your surgical and non-surgical facial aesthetic needs. RECON prioritizes your face. Associated facial aesthetic goals are not to alter your appearance or make you look fake or synthetic. We assist in boosting one’s natural appearance and giving you a healthy, harmonious, and refreshed face. We use cutting-edge technology and equipment to deliver outcomes that are tailored to your specific needs. Dr. Pragati Shubha is the greatest.. Dr. Pragati Shubha, the leading cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Gurgaon, and her team have studied and trained with international leaders in the field of facial plastic surgery to provide you with an opinion and plan that matches the needs and demands of today.

Breach Candy Hospital

The Breach Candy Hospital Trust has provided multi-specialty services to generations of patients and is proud of the department of cosmetic and plastic surgery, the Panel of Elite Doctors, and their contributions to maintaining the hospital's reputation and standard of care. Teams have been formed, comprising various disciplines, particularly dermatology, to provide the most comprehensive care.

We provide the full extent of plastic surgery, including:

  • Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery.
  • Burns, craniofacial surgery.
  • Hand surgery.
  • Microvascular surgery.
  • Reconstruction of post-cancer abnormalities and trauma.

What distinguishes us is the extraordinary skills of our panel doctors, as well as the infrastructure and exceptional post-operative nursing care.

Apollo Cosmetic Clinic

Looking good is now more about strengthening one's self-confidence and creating an overall sense of well-being. Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, a dedicated center of excellence within the famous Apollo Hospitals Group, provides comprehensive procedures for a wide range of cosmetic modifications.
The team of senior plastic and cosmetic surgeons in India is highly qualified and competent, with a focus on safety.

Designer Bodyz

Dr. Parag Telang launched Designer Bodyz to offer specialized services in plastic surgery and skin care. Designer Bodyz is completely equipped to perform both surgical and non-surgical beauty procedures that meet international standards. The clinic is well-known for offering a variety of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, including cosmetic surgery to improve facial aesthetics and body shape, reconstructive surgery to address congenital deformities and loss of body parts due to accidents or trauma, such as ear reconstruction surgery, and facial feminization surgery to assist transgender women in overcoming gender incongruence.
Designer Bodyz is an advanced clinic for plastic and cosmetic operations founded on the concept that being an aesthetic caregiver is a journey of tremendous responsibility and a lifelong commitment. Designer Bodyz is an advanced plastic and cosmetic surgery facility founded on the concept that being an aesthetic caregiver is a journey of tremendous responsibility and a lifelong commitment. The patients maintain contact with us for extended periods of time, frequently decades. This allows us to get to know them, their appearance, their skin, and their desires on a personal level, and to recommend adjustments that will keep them looking good over time.


Hair transplant costs in India are an alluring combination of affordability and quality, making them an attractive choice for many people seeking hair loss treatment. While the actual price varies according to individual demands, the potential savings over other countries are enormous. Remember, cost should not be the only deciding factor. Prioritize experienced doctors, renowned clinics, and transparent processes to ensure a successful and safe hair restoration.

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