Hair Donation for Cancer Patients

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    Hair Donation for Cancer Patients

    Amidst the global effect of cancer being a massive ailment affecting millions and emotionally stressing those diagnosed with cancer, hair donation is one way to provide comfort to cancer warriors. Let's all come together to join us for a hair donation.

    Hair donation is the best way to emotionally support people with cancer. Give your hair to those who need it. The majority of people lose their hair for the time being when they receive cancer treatment like radiation and chemotherapy. If you want to make a positive impact in their life, this blog is just right for you.

    This blog gives you insight about how you can donate your hair, the organization that takes hair donations, and all the requirements for hair donation in India.

    Just imagine how your little help can bring happiness and confidence back to someone’s life. It makes the world a little better for them and helps them handle criticism. Hair donation is not just about helping others; it is also about feeling satisfied and happy that you are the reason behind someone’s smile. Hair donation is a short-term compromise but a long-lasting source to help someone.
    Studies have shown that people with alopecia often face emotional challenges, especially since more than 60% of kids with alopecia deal with anxiety. Can you imagine the fear of these people before they come out in public? For them, hair is their source of confidence.
    So, when you donate hair for conditions like cancer or alopecia, you're not just giving hair; you're preventing people from going into the abyss of mental struggles that severely impact their quality of life.

    By donating hair to cancer patients, you are:

    • Improving someone's appearance and looks.
    • Improving someone's mood, self-confidence, and self-esteem
    • Making patients get better
    • giving someone strength and the desire to live.
    • Preventing young and adult souls from mental disorders.
    • bringing back the spark in innocent kids' lives.
    • Boosting people's quality of life and making them think they are relevant to the world.
    • It gives a more realistic and natural look to people with cancer when compared to artificial wigs.

    Hair Donation Organisations in India

    In India, various organizations and hair donation charities collect hair from people ready to donate and then use the hair donations for cancer wigs.
    Some of the best hair donation organizations where you can donate your hair are listed below, along with their details.

    Hair Crown

    Hair Crown is one of the foremost hair donation organizations in India that is focused on restoring the self-confidence of cancer patients facing hair loss. It was established by Mr. Ram Arshith in 2012.They provide the best-quality hair wigs to cancer patients without any charges. They actively run campaigns and motivational presentations for people dealing with life-threatening medical conditions.

    Cope with Cancer

    This organization also provides wigs free of charge to cancer patients. Cope with Cancer's aim is to help cancer patients achieve their confidence and self-esteem by giving them the best quality wigs. These wigs are natural, durable, comfortable,comfortable and sturdy, and they have caps made of soft material specifically made for sensitive scalps. They create awareness, inspire, and motivate people to donate healthy hair. Their motto is, "If we can cut our hair for styling, fashion, or religious purposes, why not donate?
    As every organization has their own criteria for donation,the criteria followed by Cope with Cancer is Length of hair: 12 inches Your minimum hair length for donation in Cope With Cancer should be. To receive confirmation that your hair has reached the organization, mentioning your name, mobile number, and email address is mandatory.

    Adyar Cancer Institute

    Adyar Cancer Institute is a non-profit cancer treatment and research institute. It is also known as the Cancer Institute WIA. It is a non-profit cancer treatment and research institute.
    Criteria for hair donation:

    • Minimum hair length: 15 inches
    • You can send your hair either by courier or send it to their address by hand.

    The Cherian Foundation's Campaign 'Gift Hair Gift Confidence'

    The Cherian Foundation offers wigs to poor cancer patients. They understand the fact that long hair is considered an essential factor in women's beauty, and that's why most destitute women coming from a conservative society do not go for cancer treatments out of fear of losing their hair.
    In this regard, 'Gift Hair Gift Confidence' aims to encourage destitute women to step forward and receive cancer treatment.
    They work in collaboration with the Adyar Cancer Institute and other organizations to deliver the highest quality wigs to cancer patients, keeping in mind the sensitive scalps of patients.
    Criteria for hair donation:

    • Start by filling out the hair donation consent form on their website.
    • Wash your hair properly.
    • Make a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.
    • Hair should be longer than 10 inches.
    • Cut the rubber band.

    Place your hair in a clean zip-lock bag and courier it to the given address.

    Shair: Hair and Wig Donation Initiative

    It is a salon for hair donation. This salon donates natural wigs to needy people by organizing hair donation programs and camps. The camps are conducted so people willing to donate hair can do it freely in a systematized way.
    Criteria for hair donation:

    • Hair length should be 10 inches or above.
    • They are one of the top unisex salon chains to carry out hair donation campaigns across India.

    Aarogya Seva

    Aarogya Seva is a Bengaluru-based nonprofit organization. Share Cut, an initiative by Aarogya Seva, aims to make natural wigs for patients going through hair loss caused by chemotherapy.
    Their goal is to donate wigs free of charge to economically marginalized communities. Specifically, women and children who are not able to afford commercially available wigs priced over 5,000 INR.
    Criteria for hair donation:
    Register online
    The minimum hair length from tip to tip is 6 inches.
    For curly hair, it should be pulled straight and then have a measurement of 6 inches.

    Ladies Circle India

    It is an organization that collects hair for donation, makes wigs, and gives them to Cancer Institute Chennai. They realize that cancer is a debilitating disease, and a lot of people lose their self-confidence while undergoing treatment.

    In an effort to bring back their self-confidence, Ladies Circle India collects hair from individuals and works with organizations to make wigs for cancer patients and donate them to women with below-par economic backgrounds.


    OncoHappy is a social initiative to provide comprehensive care to cancer patients.
    They provide cancer care awareness, categorized information, and therapy-based mind-body healing experiences.
    Criteria for Hair Donation:

    • Minimum hair length: 10–12 inches
    • Hair can be left or couriered to their registered office between the 26th and the 28th of every month.
    • Colored and treated hair are accepted.
    • Any hair collected from the grounds is not approved.

    'Sprarsha' Program of CODP (Canara Organization for Development and Peace)

    CODP was founded in 1974. It is a development organization that works to meet the needs of poor and vulnerable people. Child labor, forced labor, and bonded labor are all addressed in these programs. Sparsh is one of their campaigns for hair donations for needy people. They organize hair donation drives periodically. Once a hair donation is done, it is transferred to the Hair Bank in Thrissur. Here, wigs are made for needy cancer patients.
    Criteria for hair donation:

    • Minimum hair length: 12 inches

    Even a Cut Can Heal Club

    It is a hair donation club run by the Addlife Foundation. It is one of the nonprofit hair donation organizations that gifts hair wigs to women with cancer after making wigs from your donated hair.

    Inventive Helping Hand Society

    It is an NGO-registered organization. They host hair donation programs and donate that hair directly to patients undergoing chemotherapy.
    Hair Bank Miracle Charitable Association
    The criteria for donation followed by the Hair Bank Association is that hair length must be between 10 and 14 inches. They collect hair from organizations, people, and churches and use it in wigs to donate it to poor cancer patients.

    Natural Wig Works

    Natural Wig Works is a label by Kumar Wig Maker. He collects 12-inch-long hair and puts it together into wigs. The wigs are then sold at cheaper prices.

    Hair for Hope

    Hair for Hope is a campaign that creates awareness about hair donation in India. You can contact Hair For Hope for any hair donation event hosted in India.

    For Your Trust

    It is a hair donation organization based in Kannur, Kerala.
    Criteria for hair donation:

    • Hair length: 10–15 inches
    • Sending hair picked up from the ground is strictly prohibited.

    Hair Donation Requirements

    There are some criteria that have to be met if you want to donate hair to cancer patients. There are certain rules for donating hair. The criteria for hair donation include:

    • The hair should be clean, dry, and knotted in a braid or ponytail before cutting.
    • No hair products (gel, spray, or mousse) should be applied to the hair.
    • The hair length for donation should meet certain criteria, which can vary from organization to organization. . Generally, the required length is between 12 and 15 inches.
    • Colored hair: This factor depends on the hair donation organization, as some accept colored hair while others do not.

    Hair Donation in India

    If you plan to donate hair to cancer patients, follow these six simple steps, and you are all set to donate.

    • Step 1: Find and Choose a Hair Donation Organization
    • The first step is to choose a hair donation organization and read their requirements and criteria for hair donation. Confirm that you follow every criteria so that your hair can be accepted and used for needy people.
    • Step 2: Wash Your Hair
    • The second step is to wash your hair completely with shampoo and conditioner and make sure that no products are left on your hair.
    • Step 3: Dry and Tie Your Hair
    • Once you have washed your hair, let it air dry naturally. Then make a ponytail or braid.
    • Step 4: Measure Your Hair Length
    • The fourth step is measuring your hair length and making sure it meets the criteria followed by the organization. If the length is not up to the mark, your donation will not be accepted.
    • Step 5: Cut your hair.
    • Now place three fingers above the rubber band and cut where your top finger is.
    • Note: Apart from these instructions, don't forget to confirm that your hairstyle and haircut follow the donation cut instructions.
    • Step 6: Pack Your Hair and Donate

    Pack and secure your hair in a zip-lock bag. Mention your name, mobile number, and email address on the bag before sending it to the organization.
    Note: Make sure to follow any other steps or guidelines listed by the organization.

    By conquering challenges like awareness, quality control, and accessibility, hair donation can bring hope and integrity to innumerable lives impacted by cancer. So, do you want to be a part of hair donation, make a difference in people's lives, and be a beacon of hope and happiness? Then let's get started today.

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