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Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Hospital Appropriately

The first concern that arises when someone has a medical condition that necessitates hospitalization is which hospital to go to. When selecting the best hospital, there are a number of things to take into account in order to ensure that the patient receives excellent medical care at a reasonable cost. 

Research indicates that every aspect of the medical field plays a crucial role in enhancing patient care and fostering a positive psychological and physical environment, all of which contribute to the best possible reputation for the hospital or medical facility of choice. Modern equipment, location, and services are some of the factors that influence a patient's choice of hospital.

In addition, there exist additional factors that influence the decision-making process of patients, particularly in light of the recent notable growth of the hospitalization industry, which has been driven by contemporary ideas that have resurrected medical tourism globally. What criteria do we use to select the hospital, and why?

Prior to delving into the rationale behind selecting the top hospital, it is crucial to understand that patients can feel secure in the knowledge that an accredited hospital adheres to strict guidelines established by the accrediting body. That does not, however, imply that it becomes the final stop for those in need of treatment. When selecting the best hospital, the patient or his family should take other factors also into account. Your search to choose the right hospital should also be hinged on a number of factors, including the hospital's reputation as well as the suitability and success in the treatment of the patient's medical condition, location of the facility, duration of stay, and expenses, and many more factors.

How Choosing a Right Hospital Can Make a Difference?

Treatment success and a great patient satisfaction is correlated. This is true for all surgical interventions including the complicated procedures and illnesses that call for extra care. A great deal of experience and careful attention are needed for every surgical procedure. In a hospital, how can a patient be certain he is receiving the best care possible? What are the standards of quality that should be taken into account when looking for the best hospital?

When selecting a hospital, many critically important factors must also be considered, in addition to the competence and experience in specific treatment modalities. This begins with the quality of the first consultation, which provides you an insight to the suitability, distinctiveness. and caliber of the hospital. Two primary rationales for selecting the right hospital are:

  • Medical and technical excellence: It includes state-of-the-art tools and equipment as well as the skill of the nursing and medical staff.
  • Environmental elements: It includes the hospital's layout and the surrounding area, adherence to safety regulations, use of green power, location, and amenities offered.

How Do You Choose the Best Hospital for Your Healthcare Needs?

Finding the best hospital for treatment is a smart move, and the patient should take into account all of these characteristics that genuinely set the hospital apart and make it more appropriate for various medical issues. However, in order to ensure that the best decision is made, experts advise consulting a number of sources. This comprises:

  • Referrals from neighbors, coworkers, friends, family, or anyone you know who had surgery or treatment in the same place you'd like to know about.
  • Visit the websites of organizations in charge of assessing the quality of the services offered in healthcare facilities, as well as independent healthcare websites, to read reviews and comments about hospitals.
  • Review the experiences and testimonials from previous patients who were treated in the same facility via online forums, websites, online support groups, pamphlets, and medical publications.

Do Accreditations exhibit the Hospital’s quality of care? 

According to the report, quality is multifaceted, and quality assessment serves as one of the strong driving forces behind performance improvement. As a result, various approaches have been used around the world to monitor healthcare quality both internally as well as externally. "To Err is Human," a significant report released by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1999, advocated for establishment of quality and safety standards in healthcare. External review systems promote organizational change, improve service quality, and aim for quality standards. Accreditation is the most prominent and most widely used strategic external quality assessment method in the healthcare sector.

Accreditation is an external peer review that assesses how well a healthcare organization complies with pre-defined performance standards with a primary objective of improving healthcare quality. It is supervised by a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations, who use various modalities in either voluntary or mandatory approaches. The accreditation scope can include the entire healthcare facility, a specialty, or even a sub-specialty. It is important to check the accreditations that the hospitals on your shortlist possess when  choosing the hospital for your healthcare needs. 

The accreditation bodies listed below certify Indian medical facilities for providing quality care or healthcare services in accordance with established standards:

  1. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)
  2. National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)
  3. Joint Commission International (JCI)
  4. Quality Council of India (QCI)
  5. ISO Certification

How do Hospitals get rated and ranked?

Hospitals can be ranked and rated in a variety of ways. Various websites may do the raking and rating in a way that prioritizes one aspect of healthcare over another. Following are the parameters that are generally considered in hospital evaluations.

  • Patient survey information: Patients rate various aspects of their hospital stay in these surveys, including overall satisfaction, facility cleanliness, pain management, ease and quality of communication with nurses and doctors, and staff’s responsiveness.
  • Measures of clinical outcome: This includes complication rates, patient safety, and mortality rates for particular conditions.
  • Timely and efficient medical attention: Hospitals are rated according to how well they treat certain illnesses, like heart attacks and pneumonia, promptly and in accordance with established medical protocols.

Top Websites that provide Hospital Rankings and Ratings

If you're trying to determine which hospital is best for your specific healthcare need, either nearby or farther away, you may wish to take a look at the rankings and testimonials on these websites:

  • Medflick
  • Hospital Compare (Medicare)
  • Best Hospital Rankings from U.S. News & World Report
  • Hospital Safety Grade from Leapfrog
  • Healthgrades

Factors that can Influence Your Hospital Selection

Following are the factors that can influence your hospital selection:

  • Patient experience: Review the experiences and testimonials from previous patients who were treated in the same facility. You must shortlist the hospital for your treatment if you find good reviews for the hospital for treating the same condition or diseases you are suffering from.
  • Amenities: Ensure that the hospital you have shortlisted is able to provide you all the amenities you need for your complete medical care.
  • Hospital standards and infrastructure: Make sure, the hospitals you have listed hold governmental accreditations, so that you can avail the best quality of treatment. Check whether your hospitals are accredited to JCI (International standardization of hospitals) or NABH (Indian standardization of hospitals).
  • Doctor’s expertise in the hospital for the treatment of your condition: The number of successful cases accomplished by a doctor should be considered before selecting the hospital. Generally, higher the expertise, higher will be the cost.
  • Doctor’s experience in the hospital for the treatment of your condition: You should select the hospital that has doctors with more years of work experience in treating your condition.
  • Severity of disease: More severe disease will require a more extensive and complex course of treatment. One should select the hospital which has advanced infrastructure to handle your treatment.
  • Overall health status of patients: People having prevailing illnesses and old-age people will be at risk of getting more complications. So, one should select the hospital which has advanced infrastructure and high success rate to treat your condition.
  • Out of pocket expense: If your treatment is not being covered under your health insurance policy, then you may have to pay a higher out of pocket amount for the treatment. So,make sure that the hospital you choose is covered under that insurance policy. 
  • Diagnostic facility: Ensure that the hospital you choose can provide all kinds of advanced diagnostic facilities. It must have hi-tech labs and well-furnished wards.
  • Hospital fees: If you are choosing a government hospital for your treatment, then the cost of the treatment will definitely be highly affordable. On the contrary, if you choose any private or corporate hospital for your treatment then you will have to pay a higher amount.
  • Type of Treatment: Depending upon your condition, your doctor will plan the treatment approach for you. Make sure that the hospitals you are choosing for your treatment provides all kinds of facilities required for it.
  • City where hospital is located: Hospitals located in bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida, Gurugram, etc. may charge comparatively more than the hospitals located in the smaller cities. This is because hospitals in the metropolises can facilitate you better in every aspect. Make sure that hospital you are choosing for your treatment is affordable to you.


What Is the Most Important Thing to Consider When Looking at Hospital Ratings and Rankings?

The most important things to consider when looking at hospital ratings and rankings are the expertise of medical professionals working in the hospital, accessibility of the hospital, infrastructure of the hospitals, as well as the affordability.

What factors do patients consider when choosing hospitals?

The most important factor to consider for choosing a hospital is to check the speciality you require treatment in and success rate of the hospital in treatment of the condition you are suffering from.

What are the characteristics of a good hospital?

Well-qualified and experienced medical professionals, hi-tech infrastructure, good patient care and assistance, timely treatment and services, quick insurance claim clearance, and good patient reviews are the features of a good hospital.

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