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Currently, Turkey's healthcare system is mentioned as a success. Since 2003, the Social Security Institution (SGK) in Turkey has provided universal healthcare. Whatever their financial status, all citizens have equal and complete access to care through this system. The Ministry of Health's website and mobile app allow patients to schedule appointments online. Except certain primary and emergency care services are only partially covered, but most of the medical services are fully covered under insurance here. Fortunately, those partially covered services too have very little upfront costs.

Medical tourism in Turkey is flourishing because of the country's reasonably priced healthcare. Some of the most popular procedures sought by medical tourists include laser refractive surgery, cosmetic surgery, and fertility treatments.The influx of medical tourists has injected additional funds into the healthcare system, contributing to the enhancement of medical services. In 2010, the Ministry of Health introduced the public-private partnership program (PPP) with World Bank support, attracting more private firms to the health insurance market. This initiative resulted in increased financial support for public hospitals, the expansion of private healthcare facilities, and a heightened focus on specialized services.

Turkey's universal healthcare through the SGK is funded by the state, employers, and workers. The contribution rate for economically active individuals is 12.5% of earnings, divided between employees (5%) and employers (7.5%). Unemployed individuals have varying contribution rates, while pensioners gain default access to universal healthcare after one year of residency, with fees covered by either the SGK or the State, depending on their prior contributions to the healthcare scheme. Despite different contribution rates, everyone enjoys equal coverage, ensuring a fair and inclusive healthcare system. If you are thinking of availing healthcare services in Turkey, then this article can surely help you with the list of top 10 hospitals in Turkey.

List of Best Hospitals in Turkey

1. Acibadem Hospitals Group, Istanbul, Turkey

The world's second-biggest healthcare chain is Acibadem Hospitals Group. It came into being in 1991. Acibadem is the leading hospital network in Turkey, comprising 21 multispecialty hospitals and 16 outpatient clinics spread across the nation. There are 4000 nurses and 3500 doctors working at the hospital. Due to their extensive training, the doctors perform intricate procedures with utmost precision and accuracy.

It is associated with its global affiliate, the largest group in the Far East, IHH Healthcare Berhad. Healthcare services are provided in compliance with both national and international standards. The Ministry of Health regularly evaluates the Turkish Hospital Community to make sure that healthcare standards are met.

2. LIV Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

TÜV Nord Cert has granted JCI and Din En ISO 9001 certifications to the 2013-opened LIV Hospital in Istanbul. Eight operating rooms, 55 clinics, and 180 beds make up LIV Hospital. Modern medical technology, including Renaissance and Tele-Medicine, DaVinci Robotic "TrueBeam" radiation apparatus, Truebeam STx, and customized comprehensive cancer treatments, are available at the facility.

After American centers, the hospital is ranked as the fourth authorized robotic surgery facility. The company runs Ulus, Samsung, and Istinye University Bahceseh, three state-of-the-art hospitals, in addition to the LIV Hospital in Ankara, Istanbul. Because of its exceptional quality, safety, results, and care, the LIV Hospital Robotic Surgery Centre has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC). The hospital is the sole establishment that is accredited. 

3. Istinye University Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul's Istinye University Hospital was established in 2016. The hospital is owned and run by Liv Hospital Group. The hospital offers top-notch care, as evidenced by its JCI and ISO 9001 accreditations. It unites the outstanding care provided by Liv Hospital with the academic rigor of the University of Istinye under one roof.

This university hospital offers tertiary healthcare services in addition to research and medical education. About 1000 liver transplants and 5,000 kidney transplants in this hospital annually. Moreover, the patient rooms are designed to be as comfortable as possible—they resemble rooms in a five-star hotel. The hospital sees about 140 foreign patients a month. It is currently one of the few hospitals in Turkey to have a pediatric intensive care unit.

4. Medical Park Group, Istanbul, Turkey

In Turkey, the Medical Park Group in Istanbul is a well-known and distinguished healthcare organization. With Istanbul poised to emerge as one of the global leaders in medical tourism, there are now more options available from a number of hospitals and clinics. In order to achieve successful medical outcomes with healthcare solutions, medical professionals have united to deliver best healthcare with Medical Park Group. Patients trust Medical Park specialists for medical services from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and North America. All three of the hospital's accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) offer top-notch therapeutic and diagnostic services, and they all house specialized teams that use technological intelligence to provide patient-centered care under one roof.

5. American Hospital, Turkey

Admiral L. Bristol of the US Navy established the American Hospital in Turkey in 1920. The hospital was founded as a non-profit organization. Every year, approximately 120,000 patients receive treatment in addition to 20,000 hospitalized patients. More than 10,000 surgeries are carried out annually.

The hospital specifically adheres to all pertinent laws, regulations, and professional ethics standards. Additionally, it prioritizes the patient's respectability. In an effort to improve patient satisfaction, the administrative and medical processes are constantly being reviewed for areas where they could be transformed.

6. Emsey Hospital Pendik, Turkey

The Emsey Hospital Pendik, Turkey is situated on Istanbul's Asian side and was founded in 2012. The second international airport in Istanbul is just ten minutes away. For advanced and modern healthcare services, foreign patients choose it first because of its strategic location. The JCI-accredited Emsey Hospital Pendik, Turkey, offers cutting-edge medical technology and delivers care in accordance with international standards. It has "Emsey Hospital Representative Agencies" abroad to offer guidance and assistance to out-of-country patients prior to their trip to Istanbul.

7. Medistanbul Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Medistanbul Hospital in Istanbul, situated at the geographic center of the city's European transit network, offers 24-hour medical care which complies with international standards. The team of doctors treats patients from around the globe using an integrated strategy, adhering to the concept of "customer happiness."
The hospital and its subdivisions have innovative medical technology and modern technological infrastructure. To serve its patients, the medical facility has a total capacity of 100 beds.

8. Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, Istanbul, Turkey

In 2006, this 35,000-square-meter hospital first became operational. It has 200 patient beds, 36 beds for critical care, and seven operating rooms for a range of specialized treatments. Furthermore, the hospital offers patients private rooms in addition to accommodations for their families. The hospital's medical staff includes well-known surgeons with a variety of specializations. Numerous medical professionals belong to both domestic and global associations, including the American Academy of Sciences, the Turkish Society of Cardiology, the Turkish Society of Gynaecology, and the European Society of Paediatric Cardiology. There are over thirty specialized departments in the hospital.

9. Natural Clinic, Turkey

Since its founding, Natural Clinic's quality control strategy has been built on hiring the best experts and making cutting-edge equipment available in their respective fields. At Natural Clinic, state-of-the-art technology is employed to provide patients with superior care and solutions that go above and beyond their expectations. They offer the lowest prices anywhere in the world to support the right to health for everyone. In order to prevent lengthy waiting periods, Natural Clinic built an award-winning 5000 m2 clinic with over 55 operating rooms.

10. Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Hospital Kolan International Istanbul is situated in the center of Istanbul and is a member of the Kolan Health Group. Within the Kolan group, more than 3,300 employees work at Kolan International Hospital in Istanbul. Each year, the group provides care for over one million patients. It has 70 beds in the ICU, 6 operating rooms, and 199 beds overall.

Cardiology, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, and vascular surgery are the hospital's areas of expertise. It has international health accreditation from JCI, which attests to the hospital's compliance with strict European service guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the hospital quality in Turkey?

Turkey's healthcare system is mentioned as a success. Since 2003, the Social Security Institution (SGK) in Turkey has provided universal healthcare. Moreover, the quality of healthcare services in Turkey meet high standards of quality.

Which is the largest hospital in Turkey?

The world's second-biggest healthcare chain is Acibadem Hospitals Group. It came into being in 1991. Acibadem is the leading hospital network in Turkey, comprising 21 multispecialty hospitals and 16 outpatient clinics spread across the nation. There are 4000 nurses and 3500 doctors working at the hospital.

What is the top hospital in the whole world?

Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA is one of the top hospitals in the whole world

Which country is best for hospitals?

The USA is one of the best countries for unparalleled hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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