Best Hospitals In The World

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Best Hospitals In The World

The world is home to many exceptional hospitals that have set the bar for medical care and research. These institutions frequently attract top talent and provide the best possible treatment outcomes. These hospitals have consistently shown commitment to excellence and have been recognized across the world for their exceptional contribution to healthcare. There are the best hospitals listed in this blog based on their advanced technology, infrastructure, treatment outcomes, and associated health professionals.

List of Best Hospitals in The World

Some of the best hospitals across the world are listed below from different parts of the world that provide best treatment across all specialities.

The Best Hospitals In The United States (U.S.)

Everyone knows that the United States possesses the world's largest economy. It has extensive infrastructure, education, and technology. It has access to cutting-edge medical technology, which is seen as a driving force behind the expansion of medical tourism. Several major hospitals have service coordinators available to help overseas guests with medical care, lodging, finances, transit arrangements, and air ambulance services.

1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Address: 200 First St. SW, Rochester, MN 55905

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is the very first and largest Mayo Clinic premises. Mayo Clinic, located in the heart of Rochester, Minnesota, a vibrant city approximately 90 minutes south of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, has been providing safe care to patients from all over the world for over 100 years. Every year, patients from over 140 nations come to the Mayo Clinic for treatment. International patients receive prompt diagnosis and expert care in a setting that feels more like home. The Mayo Clinic is the world's largest integrated, nonprofit medical group practice. They are building a future in which everyone can have access to the finest possible care and more people can heal at home.

2. Cleveland Clinic

Address: 9500 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, 44195

The Cleveland Clinic was leading the way in modern medicine when it was founded in 1921 as a multi-specialty group practice. It began as a tiny outpatient clinic and has since developed into the world's first integrated international health system. The Cleveland Clinic has over 65,000 caregivers worldwide and receives about 6 million patient visits each year at over 200 locations.

3. Massachusetts General Hospital

Address: 55 Fruit Street, Boston, MA 02114-2696

Massachusetts General Hospital was founded to offer care to Boston's sick, regardless of socioeconomic level, and it became the first teaching hospital for Harvard University's new medical school. This hospital continues to be at the vanguard of medicine by cultivating a collaborative and educational culture, pushing the boundaries of medical research, and being steadfast in our dedication to the broad population we were intended to serve.U.S. News & World Report has consistently acknowledged Mass General as a top hospital in the nation. Mass General was awarded the best hospital in America in 2015, and it was ranked second in 2019. Mass General is recognized in 13 specialties by U.S. News, demonstrating the breadth and depth of our expertise.

4. UCLA Health-Ronald Reagan Medical Center

Address: 757 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095, United States

UCLA is well-known around the country for its excellent orthopedic care and innovative research. They combine the best in orthopedic treatment and surgery with comprehensive rehabilitation and diagnostic services.It is a self-supporting non-profit organization that funds clinical activities in the professional schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, and public health.It consists of four hospitals and has a total bed capacity of 520.They provide comprehensive healthcare services in high-tech and welcoming surroundings, ranging from preterm and newborn care to elderly care.It is listed in the top five nationally for diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology and GI surgery, geriatrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, psychiatry, and pulmonology and lung surgery.

The Best Hospitals In The UK

In the United Kingdom, every country has well-equipped private and governmental hospitals. The public healthcare system is mostly provided to permanent residents. UK hospitals are worldwide renowned for their cutting-edge technology and some of the world's greatest surgeons. Medical tourism generates around 220 million pounds in revenue for the United Kingdom each year.The United Kingdom has long been an attractive choice for those whose primary concern is their health and the accompanying cost of treatment. The National Healthcare Service (NHS) is part of the UK's healthcare system. Private medical institutions work together with the NHS to provide patients with high-quality, timely care.

5. St. Thomas' Hospital (London)

Address: Westminster Bridge Rd., London SE1 7EH, United Kingdom

It is one of the busiest maternity hospitals, with more than 6,000 babies born each year.St. Thomas is recognized for developing the world's first intraocular lens implant in 1949.St. Thomas is one of London's oldest hospitals.They are one of London's best-known teaching hospitals. They provide specialized care to individuals from all across the country for problems like cancer, kidney disease, and cardio-thoracic care.The overall bed capacity of St. Thomas Hospital is around 840.

6. University College Hospital (London)

Address: 235 Euston Rd., London, NW1 2BU, United Kingdom

UCLH provides world-class, highly specialized care to patients in London, the UK, as well as around the world.The world's first private institution to perform spine surgery in utero.It focuses on women's reproductive health, cancer therapy, cardiovascular illness, infection, neurological diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, and dental issues.In 2010, the Trust was chosen as one of London's eight hyper-acute stroke units (HASU).UCLH services are now allocated to four different London hospitals.The hospital has 721 inpatient beds and 35 intensive care beds.

7. Addenbrooke's Hospital (Cambridge University Hospital)

Address: Addenbrookes Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 0QQ, United Kingdom

Addenbrooke’s is a world-renowned teaching hospital.They specialize in neurology, bone marrow, and liver transplants. Addenbrooke's, managed by the Trust, also provides emergency, surgical, and medical services to residents of Cambridge.They have five clinical departments to ensure that their patients receive easy, hassle-free healthcare.It serves as a regional center for pediatrics and genetics.The total bed capacity of Cambridge University Hospital is around 1400.

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The Best Hospitals In India

The best hospitals in India are renowned for their state-of-the-art infrastructure, avant-garde equipment, extensive expertise, patient care, and specialized services. These hospitals provide an extensive range of specialties and have doctors of international repute, making them a preferred choice for several patients, including those coming from other countries. Some such hospitals are listed below that provide the best possible care for their patients, along with their ultramodern technology and comprehensive services across various specialties.

8. AIIMS Hospital (Delhi)

Address: Ansari Nagar, New Delhi, 110029 (India)

AIIMS Delhi is a reputed public medical research university and hospital located in New Delhi. It was established in 1956 and is internationally known for its elite medical school, research facility, and high-quality healthcare services. This institute has various firsts to its credit, including being the first Indian medical center to perform a successful cardiac transplant and the first in the country to have a minimally invasive surgery center. It is ranked first in South Asia in the category of life sciences and medicine and was featured in the top 100 list of the best hospitals in 2020 by Newsweek. AIIMS is the preferred choice for patients from all over India and abroad.

9. TATA Hospital (Mumbai)

Address: 2R3V+V5C, Parel East, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012

The Tata Memorial Hospital is a well-known institution specializing in cancer treatment and research. It was established in 1941 and is renowned for its comprehensive cancer care and patient-centric approach. The hospital has made considerable contributions in the field of oncology. It is equipped with ultramodern facilities and a team of skilled professionals. Tata Memorial is a preferred choice for patients looking for world-class cancer care in India as well as across borders. Approximately 60% of cancer patients get primary care at the hospital,out  of which more than 70% are treated without any fees, or a minimal fee is charged. The hospital's commitment to providing high-quality care in the field of oncology has earned it a well-deserved reputation as one of the best hospitals in India as well as on a global scale.

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10. Apollo Hospital (Chennai)

Address: 21, Greams Lane, Off Greams Road, Chennai, 600006.

Apollo Hospital, Chennai, is the flagship hospital of the Apollo Group. In 1983, the hospital was established with a bed capacity of 560 beds, and it is led by internationally reputed doctors in over 60 departments. It is famed for offering world-class medical treatment in various specialties for a wide range of health disorders and cutting-edge medical procedures. The hospital has earned a reputation as one of the most reputed in the world and is a choice for patients from India and around the globe. Apollo Hospital in Chennai has established itself as a center of excellence and a leader in the global healthcare sector. Apollo Hospital has had an unrivaled score of 1,52,000 cardiac and cardiothoracic surgeries till now. The hospital has various firsts to its credit; one of them is performing Asia's first en-bloc combination heart and liver transplant, marking a significant milestone in world healthcare.

11. Medanta: The Medicine

Address: CH Baktawar Singh Road, Sector 38, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Medanta has six centers of excellence that provide medical intelligence, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure with a well-integrated and comprehensive information system. It was established in 2009, and its headquarters are in Gurugram.The centers include the cardiac institute, renal institute, urology institute, cancer institute, neuroscience institute, and bone-joint institute.The hospital is NABH and NABL-accredited.Medanta handles an average of 20,000 international patients every year.Medanta's vast 2.1 million-square-foot facility has 1,600 beds and facilities for more than 22 super-specialties.It is the first hospital in the country to do robotic surgery in cardiology, urology, and gynecology.

The Best Hospitals In Turkey

Turkey has some of the best hospitals and clinics in the world, offering a variety of procedures and treatments such as plastic surgery procedures such as gynecomastia, breast reduction, liposuction, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, facelift, lipoplasty,BBL, blepharoplasty, nose job, brow transplants, and so on, as well as hair transplants, beard transplants, laser hair removal, IVF, dental procedures, cancer and neurology treatments, and so on.

12. Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital

Address: Bahçelievler Mahallesi, E-5 Karayolu, Kültür Sok No. 1, 34180 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey

The facility boasts cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. It offers urology, gynecology, cardiovascular disease, orthopedics, neurology, and cancer treatment.They are among the few facilities in the world that employ minimally invasive surgical techniques for heart and vascular surgery.The hospital is one of the few in the country that does surgical treatments for Parkinson's disease.The pediatrics and bone marrow divisions are the most popular.Medicinal Park Bahçelievler provides a variety of national insurance options for everyone.The hospital includes 246 beds, 13 incubators, 89 polyclinic rooms, and ten operating theaters.

13. Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital

Address: Zeytinlik, Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil Cd. No. 1, 34140 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Acibadem Hospitals Group established Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital in 2000 as their first hospital.This hospital uses advanced medical tools, such as 4-dimensional breast ultrasound, full-body MRI, 3-dimensional tomosynthesis, coronary CT angiography, radial angiography, and interventional radiology.Pediatric experts in every field care for babies with severe and life-threatening diseases.The hospital is renowned for its pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery.102 beds, 27 intensive care beds, and 7 surgical rooms are available in this hospital.The hospital has a labor delivery recovery postpartum (LDRP) room that can be changed into a fully equipped birth chamber.

14. Liv Hospital Ankara

Address: Kavaklıdere, Bestekar Cd. No. 8, 06680 Ankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Liv Hospital Ankara is one of several hospitals in the Liv Hospitals chain. Liv Hospital is a well-known healthcare facility in Turkey with a global reputation for providing world-class care to patients. The hospital boasts an excellent team of doctors who treat diseases in a wide range of specialties.Liv Hospital in Ankara boasts high-quality facilities and innovative medical technology. The hospital's principal specialties include cancer treatment, general surgery, hair transplantation, kidney disease surgery, and many others.The hospital has 50 specialist clinics, 159 beds, eight surgical beds, and a pharmacy.

The Best Hospitals In Singapore

15. Raffles Medical Hospital

Address: 585 North Bridge Road #0-00 Singapore 188770

Raffles Hospital (JCI-approved) is Singapore's and Southeast Asia's leading medical center.Raffles Hospital provides medical treatments in 35 specialties.Raffles provides a variety of government services and subsidies to help people afford medical bills. However, it only applies to permanent residents.This hospital has a cooperation agreement with an international healthcare specialist that provides international insurance services.Each institution has an all-in-one strategy and provides a comprehensive variety of medical services.The hospital offers inpatient amenities such as inpatient rooms, birth and surgical rooms, CPR, newborn chest compressions, dentistry clinics, a radiology unit, in-house laboratories, pharmacies, and rehabilitation services.The Raffles Clinic in Singapore is a popular destination for medical tourists from all over the world.There are 307 inpatient rooms, 25-day care rooms for OPD procedures, and 12 operating rooms.

16. Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Novena and Orchard)

Address: 38 Irrawaddy Rd., Singapore 329563

Mount Elizabeth Hospital has been providing excellent medical care for more than 30 years.This hospital can accommodate 333 patients and contains a 20-bed day ward.It offers one of the most specialized treatments for cardiac disorders and sees patients from all over the world.The first private hospital in Singapore to do open-heart surgery and develop a nuclear medicine center. The hospital specializes in oncology, neurology, and cardiology, among other treatments.

17. Singapore General Hospital

Address: 31 Third Hospital Ave, Singapore 168753

Singapore General Hospital is the country's first inexpensive specialty care facility.Newsweek ranked it third in clinical research and nursing.The hospital undertakes ongoing clinical research to enhance patient care.Clinical research requires the collaboration of doctors and scientists from diverse areas.The JCI accredited the hospital for meeting its safety and quality requirements.It was the first Asian hospital to receive Magnet recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center in 2010.The total number of beds at Singapore General Hospital is around 1,785.

The Best Hospitals In Japan

18. The University of Tokyo Hospital

Address: 7 Chome-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-8655, Japan

The University Hospital offers healthcare services in every field of medicine.This hospital is ranked 16th among the top hospitals in the world.WHO has worked with the hospital to address non-communicable and mental health concerns.This hospital offers several clinical branches, including gynecology, oncology, and radiology.It is a local disaster management medical center that also provides cancer treatment and prevention services.The University Hospital also offers community health services.The hospital contains 1,217 beds: 1,150 in the regular ward and 67 in the psychiatric ward.The facility houses the hospital's evaluation and surgery, clinical, and research departments.

19. St. Luke's International Hospital

Address: 9-1 Akashicho, Chuo City, Tokyo, 104-8560, Japan

St. Luke's Hospital is one of the biggest and most complete medical institutions in central Tokyo.This Japanese institution has a stellar reputation in both distant medicine and oncology.This hospital is renowned for offering specialists' virtual consultations with other medical facilities and physicians.There are roughly 520 beds in all (520 in the main and ancient buildings), plus 19 at the St. Luke's Birth Clinic.The hospital features divisions dedicated to cardiovascular illness, hematology, children's services, etc.In 2012, St. Luke's International Hospital received JCI approval.

20. Kameda University Hospital

Address: 462 Yokosuka, Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan 296-0001, Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan

The Kameda General Hospital and Kameda Clinic are part of the Kameda Medical Center.The majority of the doctors working here are licensed physicians in both Japan and the United States, having studied abroad.This multispecialty hospital offers excellent treatment by combining American and Japanese medicine.The university hospital conducts 1219 procedures across 54 specialties.They include dental care, alternative medicine, cardiology, and cosmetic surgery, among other disciplines.The hospital houses 500 doctors with specialties ranging from eastern medicine to cancer therapy, and it has 965 beds.Every day, more than 3,000 patients seeking top-notch care visit Kameda Clinic, an outpatient facility.On campus, there's also a level-I trauma center and a patient rehabilitation facility.Kameda is renowned for its state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center.The facility has a PET-CT scanner and the most up-to-date MR/CT scanners available.

The Best Hospitals In Germany

Top-notch medical care is available in Germany for all medical issues. When compared to the USA, it has twice as many hospitals per 1,000 inhabitants. In addition to providing patients with the greatest care possible, German hospitals also offer first-rate post-treatment services. Dental and cosmetic surgery are the main medical procedures for which patients travel to Germany. Germany has the oldest national health insurance program. Otto von Bismarck introduced it, and it covers about 90% of the population.

21. Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Address: Charitéplatz 1, 10117 Berlin

Every year, Charité serves 123,793 full and partial inpatients, along with 682,731 outpatients. More than 100 clinics and institutes cover each branch of modern medicine, representing everything from dentistry to ophthalmology.With 3,099 beds, it consists of 17 Charité Centers and 4 campuses.It has nearly 100 institutions and departments.

22. Heidelberg University Hospital

Address: Im Neuenheimer Feld 672, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

The Heidelberg University Hospital is one of Germany's largest and most widely recognized medical centers.Every year, 80,000 inpatients and over one million outpatients are treated here.Patients from the Rhine-Neckar region, Baden-Württemberg, other federal states, and abroad seek treatment.It has 1,991 beds, 7 hospital centers, and 50 medical departments.

The Best Hospitals In Sweden

Sweden's healthcare facilities are comparable to hospitals in the most affluent nations. It is among the top five countries in terms of infant mortality. The costs of many therapies in Sweden are comparatively affordable.So, if you're seeking to get high-quality therapy at a low cost, Sweden is the place for you. The country specializes in a variety of therapies, including obesity surgery, cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, stem cell therapy, heart surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

23. Karolinska University Hospital

Address: Anna Steckséns gata 41, 171 64 Solna, Sweden

Karolinska is one of Europe's top university hospitals. Karolinska receives 1.35 million patient visits per year from across Sweden and other countries.It has the capacity for 1600 beds.The IEM (Inborn Error of Metabolism) section at Karolinska University Hospital is made up of numerous clinical interdisciplinary teams that diagnose and treat pediatric and adult patients with all forms of IEM.The laboratory offers nationwide newborn screening for 24 abnormalities, full biochemical diagnostic services, functional enzyme analysis, and biochemical and molecular diagnostics for mitochondrial diseases.They offer IEM patients treatment and consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a national phone line.It provides transportation through intensive care buses, helicopters, and airplanes (PETS, or Pediatric Emergency Transport Service).Ambulatory and rehabilitation services are available for neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients.

24. Akademiska Sjukhuset

Address: SE-751 85 Uppsala

Akademiska Sjukhuset is Sweden's oldest university hospital, providing healthcare to patients since 1708.It has 8,000 healthcare professionals and 1,000 beds.Every year, more than 700,000 patients from all around the world receive treatment here.Annually, there are 55,000 admissions, 346,000 physician interactions, and 318,000 outpatient treatments.

The Best Hospitals In Thailand

Many travel from affluent countries such as the United States and Canada to Asian nations such as India, Singapore, and Thailand for medical tourism due to the lower costs and better medical facilities. These nations have made investments to build top-notch healthcare facilities and medical infrastructure. Tourism for medical purposes is very popular in Thailand.Ten years prior, Thailand treated almost 1.4 million overseas patients with medical care. The number of overseas patients receiving treatment annually has now reached 450,000.

25. Bumrungrad International Hospital (Bangkok)

Address: 33 Soi Sukhumvit 3, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Bumrungrad is Southeast Asia's biggest international hospital. It has been a global leader in offering world-class healthcare services and international patient support for nearly four decades.They treat around 1.1 million patients from more than 190 nations each year.Bumrungrad has 5,000 beds and 45 specialized centers.It has gained HA accreditation from Thailand's Institute for Quality Improvement of Medical Services. The HQIA accredited it, making it the first clinic to be accredited in the country in 1999.In 2002, it became Asia's first hospital to receive accreditation from the JCI for Quality and Safety in Medicine (JCI).This worldwide hospital has assembled interdisciplinary teams of over 1,300 experienced medical doctors and 4,800 support personnel to serve patients in over 70 medical subspecialties.To keep its status as a technological leader, Bumrungrad was the world's first IBM Watson (machine-learning AI that supports physicians) facility.

The Best Hospitals In Oman

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman has an excellent healthcare system to match its rich cultural tradition and natural beauty. The country's concentration on providing high-quality medical services is reflected in its hospital network, which demonstrates its devotion to health and well-being. Whether you're an expatriate living in Oman or a local looking for the best care, knowing about these institutions will help you throughout your healthcare journey.

26. Aster al-Raffah Hospital

Address: Al Ghubra Roundabout, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

This 60-bed hospital is located in the center of Sohar City. The hospital has a long history of providing excellent service to the people of Oman, earning a reputation for its skilled services and caring care.The hospital's specialties include cardiology, neurology, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, dermatology, ENT, and general surgery.

27. Burjeel Hospital, Muscat

Address: Al Khuwair, Muscat, Oman

Burjeel Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Oman, committed to excellence and providing outstanding quality services. It is located in Al Khuwair, Muscat, has its own driveway space just outside, and can provide comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive care.The hospital's specialties include cardiology, oncology, gynecology, pediatrics, and orthopedics.

What Are The Deciding Factors In Choosing The Best Hospital?

The decision to choose the best hospital involves considering several key factors. Some are listed below.

Hospital Infrastructure
Treatment Outcome
Healthcare Professional Qualification 
Reviews Patient’s experience 
Patient Satisfaction 
Hospital service 
Doctor’s behavior


In conclusion, selecting the best hospital involves several key factors assessment.By thoroughly evaluating all the critical factors, individuals can make informed decisions and prioritize  receiving exceptional and tailored medical care.

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