Explore The Best Gastroenterologist in the World

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Explore The Best Gastroenterologist in the World

Gastroenterology is one of the subspecialties of internal medicine. It's the study of disorders of gastrointestinal tract and digestive system function. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, gastroenterology is based on the comprehensive understanding of the digestive system's anatomy, processes behind digestion and absorption of nutrients, waste elimination, and movement of food in the gut. Gastroenterologist is the category of medical professionals who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing the conditions affecting the gut organs and structures.

Due to progress in technology, increased knowledge of gut cell biology, and the introduction of enhanced therapies, the responsibilities of gastroenterologist have undergone significant changes in the last two decades. The evolution of their role is influenced by their expertise, skills, and the ability to leverage their distinctive position in patient care. Gastroenterologist are transitioning from primarily focusing on diagnosis to becoming versatile professionals encompassing roles such as endoscopic surgery, genetics, nutrition, immunology, chemotherapy, and palliative care.

“Who is the best Gastroenterologist?” is the first question that comes to your mind if  you or your loved one is suffering from any gut ailment. If you are also juggling with the same question then we are on the same page. The following article will give you an insight to some of the leading gastroenterologist in the World. 

List of the Best Gastroenterologist in the World

Best Gastroenterologist in the USA

The health delivery system in the United States has on purpose been designed to offer world-class services. Their  widely acknowledged strength lies in their highly sophisticated facilities, well-qualified medical professionals, as well as quality care. Thus, you can expect to get high-quality treatment from the gastroenterologists in America.

1. Dr. Marc Magod

Dr. Marc Magod is one of the well-known gastroenterologists in the US. With 36 years of clinical experience, he is expert in managing conditions like chronic pancreatitis, constipation, gastric cancer, infectious liver disease, ischemic bowel disorder, peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, and duodenitis. He graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in 1986.

2. Dr. Kenneth Brown

Dr. Kenneth Brown is a board certified gastroenterologist and  is a co-founder of Gastrointestinal Health Aid Atrantil. Recognized by D Magazine as the top gastroenterologist in Collin County, Texas, for three consecutive years, he brings 18 years of experience to his practice. He holds a degree in Biology and Spanish from Dana College and completed his M.D. degree in 1998. His areas of expertise include management of conditions such as hemorrhoids, constipation, rectal bleeding, reflux, bloating, gas, and abdominal pain. Additionally, he has received accolades such as the Award of Excellence in Outpatient Clinic Care and the title of Dallas's Finest Doctor in 2009.

Best Gastroenterologist in the UK

When it comes to medical tourism, especially for health care, Britain is one of the most appreciated destinations. Their state-of-the-art medical equipment and highly trained healthcare workers are behind this fame. Explore the UK's finest gastroenterologists below:

1. Dr. Simon Gabe

He is recognized as a well-known gastroenterologist worldwide. Dr. Gabe, along with Addenbrooke's Hospital, played a pivotal role in establishing the National Adult Small Intestinal Transplant Forum. He holds 20 years of experience in managing gut disorders like colitis, malnutrition, short bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (ibd), and intestinal failure. He also serves as the chairman of the Lennard Jones Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit and is affiliated with the British Society of Gastroenterology and the American Gastroenterology Association.

2. Dr. Ian Arnott

Dr. Ian Arnott holds 30 years of experience in managing gut disorders like Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and long standing abdominal pain. It also holds expertise in performing capsule endoscopy, colonoscopy, and gastroscopy. He is a respected member of the British Society of Gastroenterology and Scottish Society of Gastroenterology. He is also a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh.

3. Dr. Mayur Kumar

Dr. Mayur Kumar is a globally recognised gastroenterologist. Currently, he is serving as a consultant at London Bridge Hospital. He holds an experience of 15 years in managing conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), pancreatic cancer, acid reflux , bowel cancer, and  liver carcinomas. He has distinguished expertise in conducting procedures like endoscopy. He is also a respected member of The British Society of Gastroenterology, The Royal College of Physicians, The European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, The World Endoscopy Organisation, The Medical Defence Union, and The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Best Gastroenterologist in India

India's medical infrastructure was built with the intention of providing excellent medical care. The country is renowned for having excellent medical professionals and offering outstanding treatment at affordable costs. You can therefore expect India to offer the best medical services in the world.

1. Dr. Arvind Khurana

Dr. Arvind Khurana is a well-known face of gastroenterology all over the world. He holds an experience of 34 years in treating a number of gut disorders including gastritis, liver diseases, abdominal pain, constipation treatment, and colitis. He also holds an exceptional expertise in conducting procedures like gastroscopy. He is also a respected member of Indian Society of Gastroenterology, SGI, South Korea, Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India, and Indian National Association for Study of Liver.

2. Dr. Raj Vigna Venugopal

His broad knowledge and experience in gastroenterology is astounding. He has worked on 700 + cases including diagnostic as well as therapeutic endosonography. He holds an experience of 27 years diagnosing and treating the cases of Filaria, Chronic Liver Disease, Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Colitis, and GI/HPB Surgery. He also has a distinguished expertise in pancreas transplantation. He is the first gastroenterologist in Bangalore who established the endosonography unit.

3. Dr. Sachin Wani

Dr. Sachin Wani is a well established gastroenterologist, laparoscopic surgeon, colorectal surgeon in India with a clinical experience of 21 years.

Best Gastroenterologist in Turkey

For medical procedures, Turkey is among the most advantageous medical tourism destinations globally. The cutting-edge medical field in Turkey is backed by highly qualified healthcare providers. For many years, these medical professionals have offered top-notch care.

1. Yılmaz Cakaloglu

Prof. Cakaloglu focuses on investigations into liver disease and novel treatments. He has authored nearly 250 scientific publications. He is one of the world's best gastroenterologists, based in Turkey.

2. Dr. Prof. Zulfikar Polat

Professor Zülfikar Polat, an experienced and well-known gastrointestinal specialist in Turkey, is currently affiliated with a leading healthcare facility in Turkey. He holds distinguished expertise in diagnosing and managing Liver Diseases and Hepatitis. He is expert at performing procedures like ERCP, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and stomach slimming balloon.

Best Gastroenterologist in Oman

1. Dr Aby Somu

Dr. Aby Somu is an outstanding gastroenterologist with extensive clinical expertise. He has a keen curiosity in hepatology and sophisticated endoscopy procedures, as well as clinical trials and research. He is committed to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of digestive and hepatobiliary diseases in people of all ages.

2. Dr Asif A S

Dr. Asif is an outstanding Gastroenterologist with over 3 years of experience and several additional years of experience in Internal Medicine. His educational background and previous employment at some of the best medical institutions have helped him perform well in his practice.

Best Gastroenterologist in Dubai

1. Dr Parthi Srinivasan

With more than 31 years of experience, Dr. Parthi Srinivasan is a UK board-certified hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon practicing in Dubai. His areas of specialization are allo and auto islet cell transplantation, laparoscopic liver and pancreatic surgery, surgery for pancreatic and liver cancer, and living donor liver transplantation.

2. Dr. Kaiser Raja 

He is a Hepatologist holding more than 13 years of experience. He has distinguished expertise in managing complex liver disease, liver cancer, liver failure, liver transplants, autoimmune hepatitis, metabolic liver disease, chronic viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, autoimmune liver disease, hepatitis B & C, as well as alcoholic liver disease. He is expert in performing endoscopy and ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography).


Four out of ten adults worldwide suffer from functional gastrointestinal disorders with varied severity. Patients with eating disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer of the digestive tract, gallbladder problems, and numerous other ailments affecting gut health are treated by gastroenterologist. In the article above, we have listed a few of the world's top gastroenterologist. This will help you in making informed decisions about your gut health. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who is the best gastrologist in the world?

One name cannot be justified as an answer to this question because depending upon different expertise and sub-specialization, there are many gastrologists in the world who are giving their best clinical services to the world. Dr. Marc Magod, Dr. Simon Gabe, and Dr. Arvind Khurana is among them.

Who is the No 1 gastroenterologist in India?

Dr. Arvind Khurana is a well-known face of gastroenterology all over the world. He holds an experience of 34 years in treating a number of gut disorders including gastritis, liver diseases, abdominal pain, constipation treatment, and colitis. 

Who is the best gastroenterologist in the USA?

Dr. Ian Arnott, one of the best gastroenterologist in the USA, holds 30 years of experience in managing gut disorders like Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and long standing abdominal pain. 

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